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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There were 14% fewer criminal appeals in Texas last year, and I suppose the decrease in crime is reflected in that stat. But I suppose the government staffing and funding of appellate courts will not decrease accordingly. 
  • I was getting my oil changed on Saturday and a couple in their 40s walked in.  CNN was on the TV and the lady began to ask questions to her companion about what was being covered. She quickly revealed that she had no idea anything had happened in Paris last week. Not a clue. "I haven't watched the news all week." Are there many people like that?
  • I always dog that goofy Texas Supreme Court justice but I learned he wrote an opinion last year dogging the Court for refusing to hear a case challenging the state's civil forfeiture statutes which are constantly abused by the government.  Good for him. (I think I wrote about it at the time, but the judge wasn't being a yuck monkey on Twitter yet.) 
  • Mrs. LL will always yell out, "Spin move!" at least once during a football game. 
  • The "hook and ladder" play would have a far greater success rate if it were run in the middle of the second quarter instead of at desperation time.
  • The equipment manager for Ohio State last night had the greatest hair in the history of ever. 
  • Right after the coin flip last night in the Championship Game, Nike tweeted out a photo depicting the coin in the air with the players looking up at it in the background. But it was fake. And I don't mean photoshopped. I mean fake with actors wearing uniforms. 
  • Cowboys Stadium will enter its sixth year this year. It almost feels newer than on the first day that it opened. No one can walk into that place without getting wild eyed. Edit: It was pointed out that the correct phrase is "wide eyed". Then again, after paying for parking and walking a mile to the stadium, you might be "wild eyed" as well. 
  • An Arlington Martin student/football player was murdered yesterday.  This morning the principal made an announcement to the students -- surrounded by television cameras. Bet she never dreamed that would be in her job description. (Not that it matters -- or I guess it does -- but the student had a kid.)
  • For those that call the President "arrogant", how do you explain his admission yesterday that the he screwed up by not sending a higher ranking official to Paris for the demonstration?
  • Two thousand people were massacred in Nigeria nine days ago, and it hardly makes the news. Heck, even though it basically involves an Islamist attack on Christians, trying to find the story even on Fox News' homepage is like trying to find Waldo. 
  • News you can use: A map of the U.S. showing were goats are most concentrated. 
  • If this inflation calculator is correct, gas today at $1.75 a gallon is the equivalent of paying 54 cents in 1979.  In 1979, gas actually cracked a $1.00 a gallon. Heck, it might have cracked a $1.00 in 1977 or 1978.