The Campaign For DA


I'm Releasing My Own Beer Brand


Anonymous said...

Wordkyle is going to agree with your choice of beer. Double Red? It's like you're writing his schtick for him.


DF Dr. Robert Jeffress said...

Not very Baptist, Barrister. Does daddy approve?

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Skippy! You could sell it to your clients.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that the only beer in Heaven is Shiner.

DF Kinky Friedman

Anonymous said...

In Heaven this is no beer, that's why we drink it here......

But yes, Shiner rules

Anonymous said...

And when we're gone from here,
All our friends will be drinking all our beer!

DF Plowboy

Anonymous said...

Other beers in Barry's lineup:

1: Liberal Lager
2: Self Loathing Stout
3. Baby Killer Bock
4. I Hate America Ale