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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Another weird metroplex-mother-might-have-killed-her-child case -- this time out of Frisco. It sounds like the kid might have been dead for several days before the case came to light. 
  • I saw footage of the Frisco Chief of Police talking about the case last night on Fox 4. He said, "It's not normal behavior for Frisco . . . [insert awkward pause as he realizes that either sounded high tone or potentially racial] . . . or any suburban area." 
  • If a criminal defense lawyer ever refers to his client as "my client" in the courtroom or during an interview with the press, he has no idea what he is doing. 
  • George Zimmerman has agreed to be in a "celebrity" boxing match.  
  • An immediate Power Down Moment for me: Any time a sports media member says, "And my Super Bowl pick is . . . . " I don't care who you think is going to win. (This was only surpassed when Norm Hitzges, in the early 1990s, would dedicate a whole hour of his show to callers who phoned in their picks.) 
  • I only watched a portion of it, but CNN had a documentary last night on the musical "British Invasion" in the 1960s. If you were a young music fan back then, that had to be a fun time to be alive.
  • Some gal named Renee Fleming will sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Weird: You can actually bet if she wears gloves and what color they will be. What's to prevent her, through an intermediary, from betting a fortune on wearing gloves that are black and then wearing gloves that are black?
  • There's just something weird about the case where Fort Worth police went to the wrong house during a burglary call and shot the 72 year old homeowner. This week the Tarrant County grand jury decided to not indict the officers "after hearing 25 hours of testimony". That fact alone tells you something is up. Grand juries hardly ever hear any testimony. They normally just listen to a brief "summary" of the case from an assistant DA -- a presentation that can last just a couple of minutes.  And the conclusion of the "medical examiner investigator" was that the 72 year old reached for his weapon after he had placed it on his car at the request of the officers? Come on. 
  • There's news again of a couple of cruise ships having to return to port early (New Jersey and Texas) due to a mass sickness breaking out.  The concept of a cruise seems less and less appealing as time goes by. 
  • Is there a bigger fraud than Deion Sanders? A secret recording was released yesterday where he wanted to be paid more by Prime Prep Academy for his self-proclaimed role being "HNIC". (That's Head N-Word In Charge for the uninitiated.) 
  • I'm completely confused by the Amanda Knox guilty/not guilty is-she-or-is-she-not saga. But I do know it's a crime she cut her hair
  • This morning the Musers on The Ticket were interviewing Adrian Peterson on Radio Row when Jesse Jackson just walked by and put on a headset and joined in. (Photo immediately thereafter.)