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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Bridgeport used to have a drive-in theater? And more than one theater downtown? ("Yes", per the comment section yesterday)
  • Breaking: Nine dead, including eight children, in house fire in Kentucky. 
  • I'm reading a Texas Monthly article on Ted Cruz which is really interesting. It included a photo of him with Dewhurst from their debates which reminded me of how angry Dewhurst got. 
  • From the Update: "The Senior Class of Alvord High School will hold a Drag Queen Contest Friday night during the Varsity Lady Bulldog/Bulldog basketball games at AHS." We've got Glee breaking out in Wise County.
  • I think I've had the most grateful client and the most ungrateful client ever this week. 
  • You may recall the woman found dead in her freezer in Mineral Wells. She was later to determined to have meth in her system. Yesterday, her husband was charged with the little known crime of providing a controlled substance to another which caused death or serious bodily injury. Good luck with all that. They have to prove he provided her meth, that the meth in her system was the same meth that he provided her, and it was the meth that caused her to fall in the freezer. (But he has such a criminal history that the DA will be about to brow beat him into some kind of plea.)
  • Junior Miller on The Ticket talked about jogging the six mile route in Central Park in Manhattan yesterday. That's definitely on my bucket list. 
  • The 2014 Wise County Hog Contest starts this Saturday. Sign up on The Hunting Game blog over there if you want to kill a hog. ---->
  • A conservative political consultant believes that George Bush may have been the last Republican president. One of the main reasons on her list: Demographics. I've been preaching that for over a decade. 
  • I'm not a fan of lawyer advertising, but one guy sure has an interesting way to target the club crowd. (h/t BagofNothing)
  • An alleged sex offender wanted in Wise County was on the run but caught yesterday in Louisiana. 
  • Two years ago, I criticized Wendy Davis for trying to make political hay out of the goofy act of a homeless man setting her office door slightly on fire.  (Who is fair and balanced? This guy!)