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Swimming Lesson 101

Come on. Who amongst us wasn't taught how to swim by being launched into a pool and having to learn the hard way?  This girl just has a defiant quality not found in your average kid.

Hey, gal, when you're at the lake in college and your friends all stare at you and exclaim, "You don't know how to swim?"  this guy will be looking at his misdemeanor probation order and just shaking his head.


Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree with you on this one. They said the reason she didn't want to get in was because her hair had been fixed that morning for an event that night. I've got two daughters so I get that part of it!

Now, she should have known, along with her parents, that going to a swimming class and not swimming for the day may get you a bad grade or something. You took the class then you gotta participate.

But, if the teacher drags one of my daughters around like that on a video, well, there will be consequences to his actions, just like there should be for the girl refusing to swim.

Probably more to the story than we all know as well. Like if she didn't want to swim why was she dressed for it? But get your hands off the kid.

Anonymous said...

IMO there is fault on this on both sides. The girl just got her hair done that morning and did not want to get it wet. She should have known that not swimming would get her in trouble.

On the other hand, the teacher had no right to drag her into the pool like he did. Should have sent her to the office or something. If that had been my daughter, then I would have been all over that teacher.

Also, I am surprised that a school swim class allows two piece swim suits.

Anonymous said...

Horrible, indefensible behavior from both.

"Sorry teacher, I can't participate in class today because I got my hair done." Nope.

"Okay, I'll manhandle you until you get in the water, you 14-yr-old girl." Nope.

But the family's representative (attorney?) kept trying to make this seem like some sort of sexual assault. Also, nope.

Just a kid acting like a spoiled kid and an "adult" acting like a spoiled kid. Bad all around.

Anonymous said...

The most disturbing part of this story is that a PE class involves a swimming pool.

How long do they have between classes to get dressed?

I'm going to go out on a limb.
Both parties were joking around.

" don't want your hair wet?"

Let me pretend to put you in the pool.
She never got wet.

"Why did she get dressed in a two-piece if she wasn't going in the water?"


This ain't the fifties anymore. A high school girl getting a chance to wear a swim suit....she'll take the attention every time. And better yet... Maybe the teacher will pretend to throw me in the water so I can pretend to care.

It's an attention whoreing world.

Anonymous said...

I am gonna go out on a limb here and ask who gives a red rats ass?

Anonymous said...

Come on. Who amongst us wasn't taught how to swim by being launched into a pool and having to learn the hard way?

Barry, people taking your sarcasm seriously, and people chomping at the bait you throw out, are two of the most entertaining things about this blog. Well done, Sir!

Anonymous said...

I want to side with the teacher, but the real answer was to just fail her. Easy peasey. Move on. How many other kids were NOT getting supervision, while he was incorrectly focusing on this 14 year old brat? I would absolutely dismiss the criminal charges, though.

Anonymous said...

Lawsuits all around is what makes the world go 'round! Also, lines my pockets! And the Blogmeister as well.


Anonymous said...

There may or may not have been a sexual element, but that video makes me profoundly uncomfortable. The teacher had no right to manhandle any student that way, much less a girl in a bikini top. Something's just not right there.