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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Posting Random Thoughts on Friday after Thanksgiving? Once again, I'm the hardest working man in show business. 
  • I ran the Fort Worth Turkey Trot yesterday, ended up in the 5K route instead of the 10K route, and ran through neighborhoods 20 minutes into the race to switch between the two.  I was fearful someone would accuse me of being Rosie Ruiz
  • Someone might accuse me of being Clark Griswold after I get through with my front lawn today. 
  • It's been a delayed reaction, but the Junior In The House being able to drive unnerves me to no end. I used to jab Mrs. LL with the line of "They grow up so fast" about five years ago because I thought it was a silly cliche. Uh, they do grow up so fast. 
  • Big thumbs up to TCU after beating the Empire last night. (And Swoopes looked like he did at the first of the year. I think I'd look at Heard for next year if I'm Charlie Strong.)
  • Coincidence?: "AUSTIN, Texas — A gunman targeted three downtown public buildings -- the Mexican consulate, federal courthouse and police headquarters -- before police shot and killed him, according to local media reports."
  • The taillights went out in Mrs. LL's Gangsta Mobile, but I was able to diagnose the problem as a blown fuse. Much to the amazement of The Kids In The House who were looking on, I had an extra fuse laying around. "For not knowing anything about cars, you sure are smart about them," might have been the greatest compliment I've ever received in my life. 
  • That commercial with Simon and Garfunkle's "America" in it reminds me that there's nothing wrong with Simon and Garfunkle. 
  • Our water bill was unusually high for the third straight month so I was fearful that we had a leak. Then it dawned on me: Do I have a vague memory about the toilet in the Kid's bathroom running constantly? Didn't I realize that a couple of months ago? Didn't I make a note to fix it? Yep. I'm an idiot for forgetting about that. (But I did have the joy of fixing it within an hour and holding up a piece of plastic in front of everyone and proclaiming, "What we have here is a defective flapper!")
  • Wedding Crashers was on last night. (1) I had completely forgotten that the great Christopher Walken was in it. (2) The football scene with Bradley Cooper is really, really funny. (3) Do I dare say it: Owen Wilson, outside of one scene in Meet the Parents ("Well so was J.C. Wow. You're in good company.") is a horrible actor. (4) I blew Mrs. LL's mind when I said, "That chick is married to Borat." She hates Borat. 
  • There's something not right about the statement from the cop who shot Michael Brown. It's just too perfect.