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I Have So Many Questions

(Graphic inserted by me for shock value. Headline ir real.)

DENTON – A child at a birthday party found hydrocodone pills in a box of Halloween candy Saturday.

According to the Denton police, they were called to the 1900 block of Northlakes Trail Saturday afternoon, where a child's birthday party was being held. Partygoers filled a piñata with leftover Halloween candy for the children.


Wait a second. No one is giving away hydrocodone as part of some evil prank. That stuff is valuable. I'm guessing that some mom, dad, or teenager was doing some sneaky hiding of the stuff and it accidentally got mixed in to the pinata. (Which is a sentence I didn't expect to write today.)


Anonymous said...

I'm going out on a limb. Who gives a rest rats ass?

DF low IQ guy

Anonymous said...

Now that's a children's party I would attend!

DF Charlie Sheen

Anonymous said...

I'm not scared of clowns but that guy just looks evil. Think I'd need that hydrocodone to get through the party.

Anonymous said...

Evil Clown in the background, I'd be crying too.