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Just For My Old Bridgeport Friends: Letters To Santa

Limited interest to my general readers, but I'm utilizing a holiday blog exception.

These are reproductions of Letters to Santa (spelling errors and all) of those in first grade with me.  I don't see my letter (I was probably out doing charity work or in a soup kitchen), but those names are a huge flashback for me.

I note that a future NFL player for ten years wanted a "fut ball".  Heck, if Santa had brought him a soccer ball, I would have put money on him ending up in the English Premier League.


Anonymous said...

Skippy, If you were a compassionate conservative in the first grade doing charity work, at what point did you become a flaming liberal thenthitive weenie?

Anonymous said...

46 years later, my first grader is asking for a "B-B" gun as well.

RPM said...

Santa was a scam. I never got my walki talki. How prophetic that Kyle wanted football shoes? Those were magic shoes!