Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Thoughts on the ABC interview of the cop who killed Michael Brown: (1) He's younger than I thought he would be, (2) he's more composed than I thought he would be, and (3) I have no idea if he is telling the truth.
  • Protesters in Dallas shut down part of I-35E last night.  How dare they!  Do they think they have the same right of civil disobedience as was exercised in Selma, Alabama in 1965? Hey, it's 2014. We've got places to go!
  • For me, Ferguson isn't a black vs. white issue. It's a debate over the increasing haphazard way cops sometimes use deadly force. It's a unilateral death penalty imposed by a jury of one and is always worthy of examination. 
  • All of this reminded me of the great VH1 documentary, Uprising: Hip Hop and the L.A. Riots. (Full episode here.)  I can't recommend it enough.  (And you get to see a very angry Ice-T on stage back in the day.) 
  • And the Ice-T reference reminds me of Mrs. LL asking me, "Who is this Coco you are always talking about?"  (Google her with caution.)
  • A prospect for the Texas Rangers (the baseball ones), who had already received over a $3 million signing bonus, was killed this week in an auto wreck in the Dominican Republic. (Edit: Make that "involved".) One month ago,  St. Louis outfielder Oscar Taveras was killed in a wreck in that country as well. 
  • Random Google Alert I have for "Bridgeport, Texas" revealed this nugget from the Jackson County [Minnesota?] Chronicle this morning: "David M. Jennings, 29, Bridgeport, Texas, was fined $225.70 for speeding in 55-mph zone (20-24 mph)."
  • Last night I got home and found an empty house. Changed clothes. Settled down in my chair with the Family Pups. Hit "play" to reveal the most recent college football standings that had been released 30 minutes earlier (but which I had avoided coverage of with incredible discipline.) I hear garage door open. Mrs. LL walks in and says, "I'm sorry."  Me: "For what?" She then looks at the paused TV screen and has Wild Eyes. Yep, she decided to express sympathy to me that Baylor had remained at #7 before I knew they had remained at #7. (But she gets huge Sports Cred for having any idea that there are rankings. Then again, she knows "Ragonk" and "Not Purple".)
  • Am  I old, or does the guy pictured in the Wise Wireless ad over the Update have crazy hair? (And I mean no offense.) 
  • Burleson's Reagan James was voted of The Voice last night. There used to be a time where runner ups in reality talent shows could go on to become stars. But those days are over. 
  •  Mrs. LL took issue with a commercial that said "Auto-tune had us singing like crazy in 1998." That did seem a little early for the synthesized tricked up voice technology so I googled it: Yep, Cher's "Believe" was released in 1998. 
  • Someone explain to me the first item in the Update: "BRIDGEPORT HOSPITAL TO BECOME COMMUNITY HEALTH CLINIC."  When I read stuff like that I always think, "Ok, so what's really going on here?" 
  • That Update item is almost confusing as the one about the Decatur teenager performing in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York while KISS plays.  (I had so much confused amusement while I typed that.) 
  • Can we pretend the lady below is thinking, "Oh, no you didunt . . . . "