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Hang On, Girl! I'm Coming To Help You!

Hey, its been years since I played Monopoly, but I think we can all accurately speculate that the cause of all this was the boyfriend taunting her after he landed on Park Place.  Or, even better, he took all his Monopoly money and made it rain all over her in some kind of victory celebration.


And, side note, Amy in Denton knows how to maintain her composure during book in.


Anonymous said...

Cue the whining and outrage over an arrest for a class C warrant in Three, Two, One...

Anonymous said...

Now a woman can get arrested for slapping her boyfriend? A woman's slap is part of romance.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Amy on the Trifecta today. Pickup your free latte coupon as you book out.

DF Denton Police Concierge

Anonymous said...

Here I am to whine.

You can be arrested for out of date inspection, and driving with expired license?

I've been pulled over for THAT plus no insurance and all I got was a "you better take this truck back home before you get it impounded".

Of course I knew the cop in small-town Oklahoma.

Sheesh.... I'm still getting used to this big-city Texas crap.

Anonymous said...

Alyssa had the police called on her for slapping boyfriend? Man-up, dude! If the assault doesn't involve a golf iron or motorized, it's all good. Let it slide.

DF Tiger Woods

Anonymous said...

I'd make'em both do Hard time at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I think she was....Railroaded.

Do think she hung on to the "get out of jail free" card?

If you land on a property to have to pay rent! You can't live somewhere and not pay rent! If you can't pay the rent, MOVE!!!

Double Fake Judge Judy

Anonymous said...

Denton has an abundance of cops seeking attention.

Anonymous said...

Barry has a offender fetish. He views these photos and fantasizes about how he could partner with these people in a deviant way. He gets off on Denton book in photos due to it being a college town. You are an old predictable gross leftist Barry.

Anonymous said...

Dear 7:47. I am an old predictable gross righty. Love the bookin photos.

/Not BG.