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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Color me confused: Let's go wall-to-wall Ebola news coverage in order to tell us we have nothing to worry about?
  • WBAP a tweeted this morning that there was breaking news of a "possible second case of" of Ebola in Dallas. Two things to tap the brakes about: (1) They said "possible." (2) "They" are "WBAP". 
  • I can't help but think of the old movie Outbreak during all of this. Patrick Dempsey transported a deadly disease by taking a plane trip. Later, when he infects someone else at a hospital, the camera pans up from the new victim's bed to an a/c vent and follows it back into Dempsey's room. Doctor Dustin Hoffman then yells, "It's airborne!"   During the press conference yesterday, one of the doctors in Dallas specifically said, "It is not an airborne disease." 
  • I predicted the Black Widow would be convicted and crushed. She received 60 years yesterday. And that wasn't much of a defense they put up. Not even a witness called in the punishment phase. I don't understand that. 
  • Sad Denton Book In photo.
  • The American Bar Association is now onto the silly tweeting Justice Willett asking if it is "unseemly."  Yes, it is.
  • It's October which means its the beginning of the beat down of seeing pink everywhere. 
  • The Rangers interviewed pitching coach Mike Maddux yesterday for the manager position. Interviewed? He's been there six years and you need to interview him? That would be like me interviewing someone who works in the Wise County Courthouse. Heck, I know what I would be getting. 
  • Which reminds me that UT wanted to interview Art Briles for the open coaching position last fall but Briles balked. Basically, he told them to offer him the job and then he'd give them an answer. The Empire, being the Empire, refused. Later Briles would say, "There were some conversations [with Texas], but nothing to the extent that ever got me feeling like I cheated on my wife." Love that guy. 
  • An Arkansas gun range owner has declared it a Muslim Free Zone.  Let me express this hot political opinion . . . wow . . . the owner is a "Hey, Now." (But, legally, that gun range better be a "private club" or she's in big trouble.)
  • I watch Comedy Central for news (Jon Stewart) and Fox News for comedy (Hannity). 
  • While jogging the other day, I smelled the unmistakable odor of weed. I looked around but couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Unless it was the car with the very tinted windows parked in front of a house.