The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Dallas DA Craig Watkins used forfeiture funds to hire a company to sweep his office for electronic bugs (listening devices.)  I love how former Channel 8 reported Debbie Denmon is his spokesman and has to cover for the guy.  I bet she fires off a "screw this", drops the mic, and walks away one of these days. 
  • Anybody who beheads people because of their point of view is “dangerous.” – George W. Bush on Fox and Friends this morning. I don't even have to comment. 
  • Hey, Obama-Is-A-Thug-Clown guy: As someone who is obviously politically savvy,  I would love to know who your top three choices are for the next Republican nominee. (Oh, and here is a free comedy tip: Just saying something over and over does not make it funny or clever.) 
  • Hey, if you want me to believe that we have the Ebola situation under control, don't have Rick Perry be the messenger. 
  • Cowboys VP Stephen Jones on Tuesday: “I think our head coach as well as our organization has been very clear with our players on domestic violence and on several other issues that if you are involved and have this type of issue you are going to be accountable.” This morning: We learn that Cowboys defensive back C.J. Spillman has been playing despite being under a sexual assault investigation for an alleged incident at the Gaylord Texan since September 20th. 
  • NFL Evilness Reminder: "As the National Football League celebrates breast cancer awareness during October by featuring players, coaches and referees in pink game apparel, a report by Business Insider reveals that only 8.01 percent of money spent on pink NFL merchandise is actually going towards cancer research." (And then we have to recklessly trust those organizations to spend that 8.01% wisely. I'd keep your money.)
  • "FIRE DEPARTMENT RAFFLE – Runaway Bay volunteer firefighters are selling raffle tickets for a gun."  Something about the firearm only being described and identified as "a gun" strikes me as funny. 
  • I didn't understand all the ruckus about the Emirates Airline's Airbus 380 landing at DFW Airport until I saw this photo of it next to a standard American Airlines jet. Holy, cow. 
  • A Houston "Emmy winning" reporter tweeted yesterday: "Curious -  anyone planning to go to Dallas for the #Texans #Cowboys game this wknd? Changing your plans because of Ebola?"
  • I was shocked by the cover of Newsday below but, when I googled the story, I found an ESPN article which called it the "third death in recent days" of a high school football player. Good lord.