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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • That goofy Texas Supreme Court judge who I always dog, Don Willett,  tweeted on Friday that he would be working all weekend "#BecauseServant". Sheesh. He then proceeded to do silly tweets all weekend and revealed he watched the Baylor game, attended a wedding, and went dove hunting on Sunday morning. (A quick Westlaw search only revealed six opinions this year that began, "Justice Willett delivered the opinion of the court".)
  • I saw Konni Burton speak on Inside Texas Politics. (She's running for Wendy Davis' old state Senate seat.) What a strange and simplistic woman.
  • Couldn't the headline for the Oklahoma guy who killed his co-worker be: "Man With Jesus Tattoo on Chest Beheads Co-worker"?
  • The original Yahoo! Directory, which debuted in the 1990s, is now officially dead. The concept was simple: Index every website by placing it in a category then sub-category then sub-category etc. I bet it took them two years to decide that it was completely unmanageable.  
  • I've love going back and reading the "Shootin' Blind" columns from old Index papers. Last week, the Index published a picture of the author, Harlan Bridwell, celebrating his birthday at Dos Chiles. I think it said he was 97. 
  • Regarding that Greg Abbott traffic commercial: I'm guessing they staged and filmed that at dawn on a Sunday morning. That can't possibly be real traffic because everyone would be acting a fool in the background for the camera. And I say Sunday morning because they wouldn't have shut down a street at a meaningful time. 
  • The Rhome City Council, Mayor, and Police Chief are at odds again per the Update. If Wise County towns comprised a family, Rhome would be the drunk uncle. 
  • Sports: (1) I'm completely confused by the Cowboys. I understand how they can score points. It defies logic, however, that they can stop anyone. And I'm still not convinced. (2) OU vs. TCU. Baylor vs. Texas. Both are next weekend but, dang it, both begin at 2:30 p.m. Then the next week it flips: OU vs. Texas. TCU vs. Baylor. Man, I fear TCU. (3) Michigan coach Brady Hoke needs to be fired for almost killing his quarterback. I actually saw it live on TV and was appalled. And the student newspaper wants him fired for it. He was punished for indifference to player safety ten years ago. (4). How in the world was Cowboys Stadium designed in a way to allow the sun to blind the players? It was never more apparent than in the late afternoon game of Aggie/Arky. (5) I've got one of my great Football Trips planned for October. Details later. (6) Mrs. LL on Al Michaels last night: "Did he just say baaawwwllll?" (6) After losing to Texas, Kansas fired Charlie Weiss.  Notre Dame owed him $19 million after they fired him and now Kansas owes him the remainder of $2.5 million for this year. (7) I find it amazing that the NFL has packed stadiums when you can watch it at home. Why do people go through the expense and beating? 
  • Mark Davis defends the (now repealed) Highland Park ISD book suspension. Never has a man sounded so out of touch.
  • Mark Davis this morning on Chelsea Clinton giving birth this weekend with her Jewish husband: "On Chelsea and Marc's to-do list: determine who converts.  Charlotte [the baby] will one day ask if Jesus is the Son of God.  A debate should not ensue." 
  • The Black Widow didn't testify. She'll be found guilty and get absolutely crushed with punishment, right? 
  • Email I received: "Dude  . . .   I just finished watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO and there is a segment that will make your day.  They rip apart Ayn Rand and included in the bit is a ripping of Mark Cuban."
  • Roger Goodell visited the National Domestic Violence Hotline center for the cameras. Incredible. Now if ten years from now he were to write a book and reveal that he had done it secretly because he wanted to get a better understanding of the issue, I would have the utmost respect for him. But to do it as a publicity stunt provides more evidence that he thinks the public is stupid. 
  • Too many TV shows exist: Some show called Highway Cowboys on HGTV filmed at Runaway Bay recently. 
  • The BagOfNothing guy today wrote about going to his high school reunion.  He actually went there with an open heart which isn't the norm for high school reunions. 
  • CNN had a round table discussion on Sunday Morning over the topic: "Is Barack Obama morphing into George W. Bush?"