The TDCAA Article In The "The Prosecutor" Referenced This Morning

Beginning of second page enlarged:

Here's the The Texas Prosecutor I mentioned this morning wherein a prosecutor refers to a defendant as, uh, crazy. (I said this morning that this article was not placed online, but it is there now. I'm not sure if I missed it, or it has been subsequently added to the end of the list despite being the lead article.)

But I'm stunned they didn't take heat for this. For a government employee to call a citizen crazy and incompetent in print is, well, crazy. Everyone I've talked to has the same opinion: How did that get past the editors?

Not to mention that TDCAA thinks that an article written by a prosecutor from a traffic court is worthy enough to get the front page in the first place!!!! "We tried this Class C window-tint case with all the seriousness of a first-degree felony," she wrote. [Insert me screaming.]

And as to my continued assertion that there are too many prosecutors, how much taxpayer money was used to prosecute this traffic ticket? Let's go to the author: "At the end of the day, was it worth it? Six weeks of my life for a $200 fine?"  That county has enough prosecutors that they can dedicate one for six weeks for the prosecution of a traffic ticket. That's just bat s&%$ crazy.