Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The New York Times is on to the tweeting Texas Supreme Court Justice Willett, but the article was neither critical or positive. I'm not sure why no one calls him out on the fact that most of his "comedy" tweets occur Monday through Friday during the day when he's supposed to be earning $150,000 a year of your money. 
  • Update on that non-injury helicopter crash at the Decatur airport in June: "The contract flight instructor who had initially been scheduled to fly became unavailable and an FAA flight instructor was scheduled. The accident flight was the student’s first flight with the FAA instructor and the instructor’s second flight of the day . . . ."
  • Caught the end of The Usual Suspects last night. I've always understood the payoff, but I'm not sure I understand anything else. 
  • I learned that this summer a lifetime Bridgeport resident had a serious health scare while vacationing in Europe. Stuck in a hospital where no one spoke English, his doctor/son bolted into action and was there within 24 hours. This is the kind of story that the Index or Messenger should focus upon. 
  • I went back to listen to a podcast of the Mark Davis Show from last week in order here his rant in favor of book suspension at Highland Park. (Once found, it was like being in a time warp back to the 1940s). But I also got to hear a caller talk about "that Muslim" who killed his co-worker in Oklahoma and said, "It looks like it is time for some Redneck Justice."  I love Davis' voice at times like that when he realizes who his audience has become. 
  • If I ever see a Facebook/Twitter post that ends with "and you'll never believe what happens next" followed by a link, I ain't clicking on it. 
  • From the Update regarding the train/truck wreck yesterday: "Because the wreck happened on private property, Texas Department of Public Safety officers on the scene said the railroad company would conduct the investigation."  Say what? If someone ends up dead in a residence can someone just answer the door and say, "Uh, it was just an accident on private property. See you later." 
  • The prosecutor in the Black Widow* trial yesterday made reference to "Daddy Warbucks" in his closing argument. Am I too cynical in believing that no one on the jury understood that reference? (*And isn't it patently unfair to refer to her as the "Black Widow" before the verdict?)
  • I was called "evil" yesterday for not liking Ted Cruz. Up until that point, I didn't know that opposing Cruz was the moral equivalent of opposing Jesus. Ironically, Cruz once said, "I do think in the media there is a tendency to describe conservatives as one of two things: stupid or evil."
  • And someone pointed out that I was wrong saying that the "Come and Take It" motto belonged to the Tea Party when it actually belongs to the Gun Rights folks. Duly noted. Then again, if I had to draw a Venn Diagram of the two groups, I would only have to draw one circle. 
  • Baylor is a 16 point favorite over UT in Austin this Saturday. The Ticket was speculating that might be the largest home underdog margin ever for the Evil Empire. I want to doubt that, but I can't think of a game to call that assertion into question. 
  • I stumbled upon a National Geographic show on cats over the weekend and got sucked in. Those little suckers are nothing other than domesticated tigers. (The Family Cat will mess with dogs just for fun more than the dogs mess with her.) 
  • My ISP address at work comes back to Killeen. Any of you tech guys have an explanation? 
  • If a local public official isn't on the job when they are paid to be on the job, is that theft? We know that public officials in this county have been indicted over $250 of allegedly taking property, so is there a difference?
  • I gave up using cash whenever possible about six years ago and went straight debit/credit card. The news yesterday was the average ATM fee was $4.35? You kidding me? Is that right?