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You High Rolling Bettors: Explain This To Me

Rice is playing Old Dominion today, and this guy posted his Vegas bet ticket. I'm not a bettor and, oh, I have questions:

  • Why is Old Dominion coded as "PLB"?
  • I think the -110 means you have to bet $110 on Old Dominion -6 to win $100, but what is 372?
  • How can I tell who this guy bet on? 
  • What does "Win $3,000 to pay $6,300" mean? This is even more confusing since the ticket cost $3,300.
  • Does a "straight bet" mean he's betting with the line or straight up? I'm guessing it's with the line. 
  • When the guy walked up to the counter at the Vegas sports book, what did he say? "I'd like to bet [finish this sentence.]
Edit: Thanks for the responses. Good stuff.

Edit #2: The guy lost.