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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • John Wiley Price applied for a court appointed lawyer in his federal prosecution case? That seems from unlike JWP.
  • The children of the gun instructor killed by the 12 year old with an Uzi released a video providing encouragement for the girl. Anyone else have a problem with this? Their words are fantastic but couldn't this be communicated privately? Did it really have to be in a public video that oozes "look at me"? 
  • Holy cow: When I went to link to above video and to watch it in its entirety, I learned it was released on the family's personal injury lawyer's website (who just happens to appear at the beginning and end of the video.) Now I'm disgusted. On Mark Davis' radio show this morning, he was almost in tears as he said the video is proof those kids were "well raised." No, it's proof they are being exploited by a lawyer (and a mom who just happens to be in the background of the video.)
  • Adrian Peterson may have hurt a second child
  • Mark Cuban's goofy brother, Brian,  tweeted yesterday: "I absolutely believe that Adrian Peterson never intended to harm his son but Child abuse can be negligent as well." So profound. Uh, that's why he was indicted for "Negligent Injury to a Child". Even the prosecutor's don't believe he intended the resulting injuries of his conduct. (I guess that's why he promotes himself as a "non-practicing lawyer" who now focuses on "Body Dysmorphic Disorder-Eating Disorders-Addiction-Depression-Courage-Recovery.")
  • "NFL hiring female advisers to shape domestic violence policies." No, the NFL is pandering to females again because it has no respect for the intelligence of its fans.
  • At 6:50 a.m. on Saturday, the Sixth Grader In The House was in her softball gear, and I was in my jogging gear. I felt like I was in a Nike inspirational commercial. 
  • Four Atlantic City casinos have gone belly up this year. The latest is Trump Plaza. (Unfortunately, Donald Trump no longer has ties to it.) 
  • Here's the video of UT screwing up the coin toss on Saturday. Man, that ref basically tried to talk the captains out of it. 
  • Our district judge, after most every heated custody hearings, will urge the parents to get along and say something along the lines of, "You're going to turn around twice and they'll be grown one day."  It's amazing to see the head nods from the audience every single time. 
  • I had to do some sheetrock repair which involved spackling, sanding, and texturing. Verdict: Not bad. (Although I did cheat with the spray on texturing from a can.)