Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm afraid the story involving a local deputy has the potential to go viral. WFAA had it last night. The Ticket talked about this morning. 
  • That Ron Washington press conference where he said he resigned because he was unfaithful to his wife was flat out weird.  There had been one blogger who had (controversially) said he had resigned because of a "sexual assault." Any chance there is a woman who will claim it was an assault but Washington is getting in front of the story by matter-of-factly portraying it as consensual? Perhaps. But why to admit to anything at all? Some speculated there's a baby. I'm not sure about that, but something isn't right. 
  • Speaking of, the Star-Telegram had a riveting story yesterday involving a date rape trial going on involving two TCU students. I won't link to it because of the Star-Telegram's stupid paywall (which might ironically kill the paper.) I will tell you that alcohol was involved and there is no question the incident wouldn't have happened if it had not been. And it also would not have happened if both of them had just sat around and smoked weed. Yet we glorify alcohol consumption but put people in cages for marijuana. 
  • Corporal punishment is a bit bizarre when you really think about it. We can do to a child what would be a crime if done to an adult? 
  • I had a weird dream last night involving an old girlfriend, her sisters, and alligators. 
  • Yesterday morning I read that England, which allows betting on anything, had odds on whether Scotland would vote to depart the UK. They were overwhelming in favor of the "no" result. I knew then there wasn't a a chance. 
  • "A grandfather shot and killed his daughter and her six children Thursday in the town of Bell, Florida before committing suicide." Good grief. And stuff like this isn't the lead story on every newscast these days. 
  • I bought some Fall mums for our flower bed. Big ones. I'm a fan of the outdoor Fall flower. 
  • I always dog the BagOfNothing guy for hating Baylor football (although he denies that he does), but I finally found out why: Today he reveals that when Art Briles was at Stephenville, he harassed BagOfNothing from the sideline during a JV game. 
  • "State Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples announced Thursday he will resign within the next two months to head Texas' primary oil and gas trade group." It looks like business as usual for Texas politics.
  • Since I promote Blog Transparency, I want to remind everyone that I told you to bet the house and take the Under for the over/under line of Cowboys total wins at 7.5.
  • There is no way Rick Perry or Ted Cruz can win the Republican nomination much less the Presidency. But I pray they try.