Index - 8/14/59

This one isn't earth shattering but there are some fascinating aspects about it:

  • The Index was doing a concept that Dave Campbell's Texas Football does to this day: List as many names of kids as you can so that their parents will run out and buy your publication.
  • If you're a long time Wise County resident (and maybe if you're not), take a look at those names. So many of them are familiar. A future doctor. A future banker. And more. 
  • Bridgeport and Decatur played each other in the season opener? 
  • Loved how the guys had to bring their own towels, soap, and shoes. 
  • One kid had dropped weight from 230 to 186. I would love to have known how he did that in 1959. I wouldn't rule out that he got sick. 
  • Two local doctors had given all of the boys physicals for free.
  • The coach channeled Jimmy Johnson when Johnson was just a baby by saying he plays favorites to kids who  work hard. (Actually, I think Jimmy said he played favorites to players who were good.)
  • Side article: You get four traffic convictions in 12 months and you're going to get your license suspended.
  • Edit: A commenter pointed out that the Bulls went 0-10 that year. The coach was gone after the season.