Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Even though we hear about Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson, no one mentions former Kansas City Chief Jovan Belker who murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself only two years ago. 
  • I also thought about former NFL player Rae Carruth who assisted in the murder of his pregnant girlfriend in 2001.  If Wikipedia is correct, he's scheduled to be released from prison in four years. 
  • Burying the lead in Bridgeport: The Messenger has a story today on page 7 under a headline about a fundraiser for a JV football player after "he suffered a heat stroke because he was dehydrated and had to run extra sprints after practice . . . . " He ended up in ICU at Cook's Children Medical Center for four days -- three of which were in a medically induced coma! He was running as a punishment having something to do with a vaguely labeled "List of Pain". Varsity coach and athletic director Danny Henson said as to why he was punished was something "I can't and don't want to talk about." This story should be on the front page with a different headline. 
  • How is former Decatur High coach Kyle Story doing at his new gig at Frisco Independance? They have started 1-2, but the two losses came with scores of 62-21 and 52-0.
  • Fox News has been giving time to some redneck Texas sheriff named Gary Painter. He has hot opinions about ISIS crossing the border with no proof other than he's heard they have found "Muslim clothing" and discarded copies of the Quran. (Which is laughable since Muslims treat the Quran about 100% better than Christians treat the Bible.) And he also has such gems as: “If they show their ugly head in our area, we’ll send them to hell." Oh, did I mention he's the Sheriff of Midland County. 
  • I thinks its idiotic to send 3,000 U.S. military personnel to Africa to help in the containment of the Ebola outbreak. What are they going to do, shoot it? (That's a joke.)  But if you believe that the President is sending the troops there with the intention of them becoming infected so they can bring the disease  back to the U.S. in order to enhance the popularity of Obamacare, you are a certifiable nutcase. 
  • "I was whipped with a switch and I turned out OK." You sure about that, buddy? 
  • Someone explain Fan Duel to me -- the web site that lets you play Fantasy Football and win money on a weekly basis. They advertise everywhere and come across as a sports book. Is this not illegal gambling? 
  • A hurricane it Cabo this week, but I was taken aback by a Fox 4 story of a Dallas man who was there on his bachelor party with nineteen of his buddies. 
  • I said last week that sponsor pressure would be what cost Roger Goodell his job. And Anheuser-Bush began to rattle its sword yesterday. (They are in a sneaky great position: They can get a ton of press (= ad time) by pulling out as the "Official Beer of the NFL" and still advertise on all the networks.) His days have to be numbered.