Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Had my oil changed and also washed and vacuumed the car this weekend. Something oddly satisfying about that. 
  • I also was able to match the wall paint in the house and was able to do some touching up. Also oddly satisfying.
  • I found this old five gallon bucket of wall paint in the garage, opened it, and it was liquidy. Yeah!!  So I then went high tech and bought a paint drill mixer and went to town on it.  I was doing great until I noticed that I had turned the bucket of paint into clay. Weirdest thing ever. (But I was smart enough to get a paint sample before I ruined it. I used that to purchase new paint later.) 
  • Dallas County jurors awarded $73 million in a vaginal mesh lawsuit.  I went to law school with and was friends with the Plaintiff's attorney, Tim Goss. Haven't spoken to him in 25 years, but that's about as close to $73 million as I'll ever get. 
  • I remember my neighbor friend being punished with a switch one time. I think it was only two minor whacks and probably more for the dramatic visual of the dad telling the kid he was about to get it and then reaching up in a tree. 
  • Sports: (1) ESPN has recently unveiled a betting information page on its website. Then during the Baylor game on Friday, the announcers were constantly referring to the line and the over/under. That's a pretty shocking change. (2) His stats aren't bad, by Tyrone Swoopes is not the answer at QB for UT. He can't throw down the field. And isn't this shocking: While as a senior at 2A Whitewright, his team only won one game. How does that guy at a 2A school not win five on his own? (3) As a Baylor fan, I'm beginning to fear TCU and West Virginia. (4) That Icky Shuffle commercial is funny. (4) The Tennessee Titans are awful. (5) Love this hug by a huge Vanderbilt lineman of a tiny UMass kicker after he misses a critical field goal. (6) I used  to laugh about Mark Cuban's comment that the NFL would collapse under its own weight within 10 years. He might be right. What a horrible week for a horrible tax-exempt non-profit corporation.  (7) I love RG3, but he's not worth anything if he can't stay healthy. But would Jerry sign him as a free agent after next season? I could see it. (8) Five of the top ten teams in the AP Poll are from the SEC West. (8) DeMarco Murray has 285 yards through the first two games -- something that Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith never accomplished. (9) Couple making out at LSU game tumble over
  • "Iran won't cooperate with U.S. to combat ISIS in Iraq, country's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei said on Twitter." I'm insane now. 
  • In 2013, 460 motorcycle drivers were killed in the state and another 35 passengers died, according to department statistics. Those numbers were up from 446 drivers and 24 passengers in 2012. Fort Worth has seen 14 deaths so far this year. There were 11 last years. Story.
  • Being a political nerd, I watched a little bit of Hillary and Bill's trip to the Harkin Steak Fry in Iowa yesterday on CSPAN. It's part of their "Campaign Trail 2016" series where the station just puts a camera at a campaign event with no commercials and no commentary.  When the Clintons arrived they immediately walked over to a cooker and picked up some meat for the cameras which went crazy. They did that for two minutes, smiling, and then walked elsewhere. 
  • I love brussel sprouts in melted fake butter. Oddly, I bought some fresh ones from Whole Foods the other day and was stunned to find I liked the frozen grocery store kind better.