Random Monday Morning Thoughts


  • Late Saturday night, I saw a car in my lane backing up on Loop 820 to get to an exit ramp. Mrs. LL saw it before me and almost had a heart attack. We had enough time to react but just by a few seconds. I thought of the The Butterfly Effect.
  • Ran across Night Shift last night. Still one of the funniest movies ever. "Love brokers!!!!"
  • "MIAMI –  A Florida jury has slammed the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. with $23.6 billion in punitive damages in a lawsuit filed by the widow of a longtime smoker who died of lung cancer in 1996." Not only is the lawsuit crazy, so are both of the numbers in that sentence. 
  • At least 70 children have died from Israeli missiles. Hey, I appreciate Israel as an ally, but this blind "they can do no wrong" makes no sense. 
  • Mrs. LL is stunned by the cost of some fabric (she's doing some curtain project.) She had a very confused look on her face when she thought she had ordered two "rolls" and then two "yards" showed up in the mail .
  • I remember the family rushing home from church to watch the moon walk on Sunday evening (or was it Saturday and Vacation Bible School?) 45 years ago, but I don't remember watching the actual event. I may have fell asleep.
  • A story which you would think would have received more press:  "GRAND SALINE – A 79-year-old Methodist minister who died after setting himself on fire on a busy street in this town of about 3,100 residents left behind a suicide letter asking the community to repent for its racism."
  • The Sixth Grader In The House is at camp this week. There will be 1,000 less questions asked in the house this week.
  • Speaking of, try to explain the Royal Family and their role in England to the Sixth Grader.
  • Mrs. LL cleaned out the garage before I could get to it. 
  • Not sure what I think about wisecountywashers.com
  • I could have sworn I saw Ronald Reagan on a tarmac after the USSR shot down the Korean jet using the term "Evil Empire".  I guess I'm wrong about that. 
  • Dang air conditioner tripped the breaker again. Time to call the expert. 
  • I'm completely confused about Colby Lewis' rant about a bunt on Saturday night.
  • It's hard not to look like you are full of hatred if you are holding up a sign that says, "Illegal kids go home!!!"
  • The Family Pig had been very tentative on his feet. Now he'll run five feet and buck like a bull out of happiness while he does it. Maybe one of the funniest things I've ever seen. 
  • I've got a buddy who loves the USC Song Girls. And he's not ashamed to admit it. 
  • One of the Sophomore In The House's friends had posted a "postcard" on Facebook asking, somewhat disturbingly, "If there were ten handguns in front of you and only one had a bullet, would you pick one of the ten guns up, point it at yourself, and pull the trigger if you would receive $1 million if the gun did not have the bullet?" Ok, she's a good kid. But when she was over at the house last night we told her that was weird. (Although I will admit we created a game out of ten pieces of paper which degenerated into Deal or No Deal.)
  • You have to be deranged like me, but if you want to hear two guys from The Ticket spend over an hour telling about their trip to find the Alabama Leprechaun Tree and play audio from the experience. here it is.  
  • I'll watch the Tour de France only to hope to see helicopter views of the landscape. 
  • I bought a ton of home grown tomatoes at a road side stand on Friday. One of life's greatest pleasures.