If The Guy Had Only Thrown in a "When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor" Line

Youtube - Patrick Benson identifies the man being detained as his co-worker Alex. Benson claims the incident began when stadium staff assumed there was underage drinking within their group but says he and his friends are all at least 21 years old.

The video shows the officer allowing Alex to tell his side of the story but when he does not sit down on command, the officer is seen aggressively shoving Alex multiple times. A defiant Alex then demands to be shoved by the officer again and is then handcuffed. “All he had to do is shut up and he would have left,” the officer is heard saying. During his detainment, Alex continues to give what was probably meant to be a patriotic speech but seemed more half-thought drunken ramblings.

Benson says he believes Alex was simply escorted out of the stadium without further incident. In the end f the video, another officer can be heard saying Alex was being physically ejected for trespassing because he refused to leave.

I think I'm more annoyed by that drunken "United States of America!" rant than the overly aggressive cop. 

And what's that guy writing down in the background? Talk about focus!

Edit with an excerpt from Deadspin which posted this later:

Abuse me again! As a citizen of the United States of America, abuse me again!"

Alex is shoved and placed in cuffs. Alex is now yelling.

"This is an illegal recremendation [reprimandation? recommendation?? reckaimininldjsation???] of an American citizen," Alex cries. "Thank you!"