Random Dennis Prager Rant

I mention this guy from time to time, and I know none of you (except one) has any idea who I am talking about. He's  a conservative talk radio host who is the walking definition of psuedo-intellectualism but presents himself in such away that you would think he is one stop away from being the Pope. (If Jewish people had a Pope.)

One of his crazy bullet points concerns how higher education will "indoctrinate" people to liberalism. Just like magic. It's as if he has no faith that someone older than 18 cannot sort through different views and ideas and make a personal decision. Amazingly, he encourages people not to go to college but instead to watch his  videos from "Prager University" (which sounds great:"There are no fees, no tuition, books, homework assignments, or grueling midterms here")  that he sells online. (To quote The Jerk, "Awwww, it's a profit thing!") Edit * He'll throw up a free one every now and then, and he did so recently on how our welfare system is broken. He calls it the "War on Work."

I watched a couple of minutes of one before I couldn't take the simplicity of it anymore.

He uses this guy as a spokesman (once again, on the issue of poverty.) Angry old white guy in a suit?

And he actually used this as a graphic: A welfare recipient who just happens to be portrayed with an opaque dark figure in front of a flat screen TV next to a bag of money. Idiocracy, indeed.

*Edit: OK, I'm wrong about him charging for the videos. Those silly things are free. I was confused because he actually charges for podcasts of his radio show which isn't the industry norm. I'm stunned he's not trying to make a buck off the videos. (Although he will take a $5,000 donation.) But, again, I was wrong.