Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Israeli rockets hit a U.N. school in Gaza killing fifteen. Can they not hit the broad side of a barn?
  • They are building an In-N-Out Burger by the new Costco right off 287 and 35 in north Fort Worth. 
  • Man, the Charlie Strong era at Texas is off to a horrible start with the suspension of two players yesterday for what looks like a horrible sexual assault. (On a lighter note, the typos in the 2014 Media Guide doesn't ooze "discipline".) Edit: Wow. I completely missed these two that were dismissed yesterday. Edit: Three more gone today. Chaos!
  • I love the sign that says, "Obey All Traffic Signs - State Law". Oh, okay. I wasn't going to until you posted that sign. 
  • Fox and Friends hosted Twisted Sister this morning. Demographics, my friends. Demographics.
  • There have been some silly prostitution busts in Denton and Cooke counties and some believe that there might have been some embarrassing arrests of high profile residents. Oddly, the Cooke County Sheriff said the prostitution arrests carry no jail time and are "fine only" offenses. That ain't right. 
  • Wow: Two night's ago the Lifetime Channel had scheduled to air a program called Good Grief - "Take a step deep into the heart of Texas with the Johnson Family Mortuary!" That's the mortuary under investigation for abuse of corpse.  The show didn't air. 
  • Heard this morning that Tony Romo has only missed one game in the last three years. That surprised the heck out of me. But his collar bone injury was back in 2010.
  • More reasons to hate the NFL: They suspended Ray Rice for only two games for knocking his girlfriend unconscious And, at 27, WR Sydney Rice has to retire because of concussions.
  • "Tarrant County Clerk Mary Louise Garcia was cited last month for assault following a domestic disturbance with her husband." Looking further, it was a Class C Assault by Contact which means "offensive touching" without causing pain. Here's a tip: If you ever hear about someone being charged with Class C Assault, be very suspicious about the accusation. 
  • Man, that GIF that BagOfNothing posted is funny.
  • I finally watched the HBO new documentary Newburgh Four about the FBI's ridiculous tricks to find and entrap "terrorists".  It is exactly what I've been preaching for five years. At times, I felt like I had been the director and editor for this must see documentary.