Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Hey, Messenger: Was the "Bob Buckel - Foster Parent" on Fox 4 News yesterday your Bob Buckel?
  • If you're a middle aged current or former Cowboys fan, the news of the death of Robert Newhouse caused all sorts of flashbacks.
  • And for some reason it caused me to recall former Cowboy Scott Laidlaw (kind of a spare) who spoke at our high school athletic banquet in Bridgeport and dropped an S Bomb. 
  • I caught a portion of Real Sports last night (like bagofnothing did) and saw the segment on how some golf course, faced with dwindling revenue, are tricking up the sport by installing 15 inch holes. I had heard about that on the radio and thought it was idiotic. Then I watched people play and realized they were having so much fun. And it sped up play by one hour. The concept is that the younger generation isn't willing to spend four hours of frustration on old school golf. Amazingly, Jack Nicklaus wasn't against the crazy innovation. 
  • And they also took a visit to Top Golf. I had no idea that place was so insane. 
  • A former "employee" of Bleacher Report posted a loooooong article on Deadspin entitled "The Top 200 Ways Bleacher Report Screwed Me".  I want to read it but there's no way I'm going to. Instead, I scrolled through the comments to try and get a feel for the article. I laughed when one of them read, "Can't you sum this up in a slide show or something?"
  • Fox 4 had a story last night of some idiots throwing rocks and railroad ties off a bridge onto oncoming traffic. I had someone drop a golf ball size rock onto my windshield over 20 years ago in I-35 in Fort Worth. Scared me to death. It hit the upper left corner and almost went completely through. I'm still not sure if shards of glass didn't screw up my eyesight in my left eye. 
  • "Shards" is an underutilized word.
  • Is the "immigration crisis" story already fading away? It's like civil war torn Syria that we were about to drop bombs on and then the news suddenly vanishes. 
  • The Sixteen Year Old In The House was denied the right to take a driving test yesterday. It was very confusing because all I could get out of it was "social security card" and "Homeland Security." 
  • I'm kind of worried about Crazy Texas Mommy. She rarely posts on her blog anymore (over there ---->) and her last few seemed a little angry. 
  • I haven't been to the Wise County Reunion in years but it has to be a beating in this heat and humidity, right? 
  • And there were 243 teams in the "washer" tournament last night? When did that end? Dawn?
  • I only do criminal law and not civil and certainly not federal civil law. With that, the news is reporting that the jury deliberating the Jessie Ventura vs. American Sniper libel lawsuit must be unanimous. Is that right? (I know a Texas civil case can be won on a 10-2 verdict.) But I saw where it is a federal jury of 10 people.