Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • The location I saw the car backing up on the 820 freeway over the weekend is about the exact same place where a car took out a huge overhead sign this morning. Photo. If you've ever come up east 820 from I-30, you've seen that sign. 
  • It's been a year since Kidd Kraddick's death and the ratings for his show are, amazingly, up.
  • I've noticed what  I believe to be Decatur's girls' cross country team running the streets of the town around 7:00 a.m. 
  • There was another botched execution last night. This time in Arizona. 
  • Highs will only be in the 80s mid to late next week.
  • I wonder if this is the Twitter feed for the young girl injured in the wreck southeast of Decatur yesterday. 
  • Jerry Jones said they didn't have formal conditioning tests on the first day of training camp but was encouraged that most of the players did it anyway. Jason Garrett later said that the conditioning test was cancelled because it could give rise to injury in conjunction with practices the next day. He then was asked if he was concerned then that the players did it anyway. He had a deer-in-headlights explanation as he realized he had just painted himself into a corner.
  • As soon as I heard Garrett speak yesterday, I thought, "We've got to go through another season of listening to him say nothing?" Oh, well, it's a process.
  • Heard a weird rumor of a local lady dying which may or may not be associated with an infection she obtained after going to the dentist. 
  • Whenever I see one of those "Cash With Car Title" stores I think there's someone inside getting ripped off. And I'm pretty sure I'm right. 
  • I think one of the goofiest retorts is a comment that says something along the lines of, "You wouldn't feel that way if that happened to one of your family members!" 
  • An Algerian airliner with 110 or more on board has crashed this morning in Northern Africa. Been a heck of a season for commercial jets in the Eastern Hemisphere. 
  • WFAA's Joe Trahan tweeted late last night: "Sources tell me former defensive lineman Josh Brent will be released next Thursday." I thought he meant that the Cowboys would cut him, but he was actually talking about being released from rehab after his Intoxication Manslaughter conviction. Makes sense since I guess he's not on the roster to release. 
  • I did my normal jog yesterday but have finally become smart enough to walk a short distance every now and then if the heat and humidity gets too much. Cloud cover helps but not much. I'd rather run when it is in the 30s.
  • The horrificness of the Fort Worth mortuary which hadn't properly disposed of a few bodies got ratcheted up yesterday when it was revealed that one of the bodies discovered was an infant who had died two years ago