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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • The "sequester" (what a weird word) may only impact 2% to 3% of the budget, but that will lead to a huge impact on tens of thousands of families who either have a job loss or a pay cut. The percentage may be small but the whole is large. For example, if you only had to walk across 2% of the country today, you'd have to walk over 50 miles.
  • I haven't followed much of the Jody Arias trial, but she's now been on the stand for over 13 days. How is that possible? And I hope for an acquittal because I think Nancy Grace's head would actually explode, and I want to watch.
  • A Texas attorney about to be sentenced to federal prison for cutting deals with a judge for money (among other things) took a taxi in the middle of the night to the middle of the bridge which connects Port Isabel and South Padre Island. He then jumped off of it
  • I went to a Fourth Grade talent show last night -- might have been one of the cutest things I've ever seen.
  • A major Republican leader in Wise County opined the other day that churches should teach more on the book of Leviticus because it has more quotes directly from God than any other book of the Bible. 
  • Great hypothetical on The Ticket this morning: Would you rat out the Highland Park High School threat making guy for the $7,500 reward even though you would always be known as the guy who ratted by your high school peers?
  • My internet connection in Decatur this morning is slower than dial-up. Seriously.
  • "Florida man swallowed by sinkhole." That headline will get your attention. 
  • From the Update -- Wise County guys competing in the bullriding event at Cowboys Stadium: Silvano Alves, Valdiron de Oliveira, Renato Nunes, Marco Eguchi. Is bullriding big with those from Mexico or Latin America?
  • Viral pictures of the back of some hot girl who leads her man around the world. 
  • I think Pastor Robert Jeffress could actually run the First Baptist of Dallas into the ground. That is, if anyone could, he could. 
  • I'm very impressed with the guy who memorized the names and ranks of every soldier who died in Afghanistan. I'm also impressed with his handwriting and its neatness.