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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The AP is reporting that the U.S. Postal Service will announce later today that Saturday mail delivery will end. The Messenger concerned about this?
  • It's National Signing Day. Any Wise County kid signing with a smaller college? And has any kid ever signed with a bigger school than TCU?
  • Interesting case going on at the courthouse. The kid involved in the multi-death crash a couple of years ago has pled guilty to Criminally Negligent Homicide and is going to the jury for punishment. The range is 180 days to two years but the jury could grant probation. The families of the victims have been very vocal during the case's pendency. 
  • The new Klyde Warren Park in Dallas (over Woodall Rogers freeway) will get a synthetic ice skating rink this fall. I have never heard of that. 
  • The preacher calling out the guy in church video I posted yesterday reminded me of the time I was sitting down front as a teenager with one of my buddies and we were yucking it up. In the middle of the sermon my dad got up, walked down to the pew behind me, and motioned me to get up and come sit beside him. 
  • The kinkajou story made not only Fox 4, but Channel 5, and the blogs of D Magazine and the Dallas Observer
  • I watched a PBS show the other day on the Texas Board of Education, its powers over the content of text books, and some of the nuts who are on it. 
  • Thirty school superintendents in  Texas made over $250,000 last year
  • I've completed the four week Nike program on the Xbox (28 sessions.)  It now will put me through another test and design another four week program. Really cool.
  • Ron Paul sure is catching a lot of heat for his "die by the sword" tweet about the American Sniper, Chris Kyle. By the way, Kyle's memorial service will be held at Cowboys Stadium on Monday. 
  • Drive 287 into Fort Worth and you can see that the housing boom is on again. 
  • The President's office released a photo of him firing a gun last weekend which immediately backfired as it was photoshopped beyond belief