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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • They saved that little boy being held in a bunker in Alabama but they haven't disclosed the details of how they did it.  One reporter asked the Sheriff last night if an explosion they heard in the afternoon had something to do with it but he wouldn't say.
  • Attorney General Greg Abbott and Ted Nugent, among others, were on Piers Morgan last night "discussing" guns. Man, it made me cringe.
  • This morning Nugent said, "Did I dance on his skull with an intellectual pirouette or what?” He might want to re-watch the tape.
  • February Fog?
  • Facebook page of the Boyd man killed yesterday in a traffic accident on 114.
  • The murder case where Chris Kyle is the victim will be tricky. Decorated war veteran killed by war veteran driving crazy by war.
  • I've had clients who have suffered from PTSD. There's no myth about that. It's very, very real. 
  • The Neighbor's Cat was catting around in our back yard in the middle of the night causing The Family Cat to go crazy. I got up and let The Family Pup out to go chase it. The Pup launches out of the back door like a cruise missile when I do that. 
  • The Update notes that the man who was injured in a home invasion last year has died from his injuries. Will the invaders now be charged with murder? Not likely. All of the suspects have already pled to Aggravated Robbery and have been sentenced. 
  • I think the correct term is "pleaded" instead of "pled" but no one uses "pleaded" because it sounds so weird. 
  • Johnny Depp as the Lone Ranger just sounds cool.
  • The Internet was abuzz yesterday about the bones of Richard III being found under a parking lot in England.  I hope I'm not the only one who wasn't sure there even was a Richard III.
  • Note about the Mavericks "keeping their powder dry": They got drilled by Oklahoma City last night while former Mav Tyson Chandler had 20 rebounds for the Knicks.