Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Right out of The Wire:  It's now been revealed that a guy shot to death on his porch in Dallas had $900,000 in cash in his house along with ledgers that reveal he may have had proceeds of $28 million in drug sales over the last decade.
  • The President's speech last night: Ok, that was a mess. It looked like he took his original text with the "we need to bomb" them theme and inserted a few sentences with the "maybe not" theme. He probably should have cancelled that. 
  • Hey, I agree with most of The Right that bombing Syria is a silly idea, but it's funny to listen to the conservative pundits last night and pretend they were talking about Saddam Hussein and WMDs before the Iraq invasion. 
  • There's a story in the Messenger about the survivors of the man killed at Bridgeport Tank Trucks earlier this year has filed a lawsuit. Hey, Messenger, name the lawyers involved next time. 
  • The Mess's story about the rodeo participant from Bridgeport who had his face literally crushed by a bull last weekend in Decatur sounds horrific. 
  • It's the 9/11 Anniversary with far less references to it, is seems, than in years pass. 
  • WBAP had ABC News' Aaron Katersky on this morning to talk about the anniversary. He casually mentioned a New Yorker who was kept out of her apartment for a week after the attacks, but when she was allowed back in she discovered a plane seat had crashed through her apartment window and a body was still strapped in it. Anyone ever heard that before? Sounds very urban legend like.
  • Hal Jay then asked him if there was any kind of memorial ceremony at the site today "which will draw 200,000 to 300,000" people. 
  • The driver of [the car who was not killed by] the dump truck involved in the double fatality wreck on LBJ yesterday is 40 years old and has eight kids. The deceased couple is TD Mullikin, Jr., 83 and his wife Charlyn, 81 of Trophy Club. I think this is a Facebook photo of them and grandkids. 
  • Mark Davis lost his mind again this morning proclaiming that America has not won a war since World War II (yep, he said that) because we don't have the resolve like we did back then. Vietnam, for example, is a place where we "cut and ran." He might want to consult the more than 50,000 families of dead soldiers if we should have stayed and continued to raise the casualty count. 
  • And a tweet from Davis last night about current America: "The reason we are war weary is that we have been denied victory by our unwillingness to kill enough of the enemy to win." Sheesh. Yeah, nothing makes me less war weary than more dead bodies. 
  • Nathan Hecht is set to be named Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. In 2007, he engaged in political conduct while a judge which I thought so shocking that I thought he needed to be removed from office. 
  • From the archives . . .