Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • When did air travel turn into the equivalent of riding a bus. Sheesh, it's a beating these days. But the normally grumpy American Airlines flight attendants were in very positive moods.
  • I am getting close to the ending of Empire of the Summer Moon and read it on the plane. An elderly guy in a Cowboy hat sitting next to me on the plane said, "I don't want to bother you, but you've got a great book there." For a little known book, I can't tell you the number of people who have told me they've read it. 
  • On the way flight back we sat by a guy who looked like a thinner John Lock from Lost. We asked him if he had ever heard that before, and he said "all the time." 
  • Leaving the Ole Miss game there was a college student on his cell phone calling a buddy to tell him that a girl was saying he (the buddy) had sexually assaulted her. The odds of Mrs. LL and I slowing our pace so we could hear the conversation? 100%.
  • I don't know how we got around before the GPS guide. Mrs. LL's phone has one which is so good we can just have to listen for the instructions and hardly ever have to look down at it. 
  • FBC of Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress somehow gets space in the Dallas Morning News to fire off an opinion on Syria. He opines that the President's wish to bomb Syria for using gassing children would be more persuasive if he didn't support abortion.  Way to stay focused there, pastor. 
  • Memphis Beale Street: Meh. Much smaller than I thought it would be without that many people. (But there was a huge police presence with females having their purse searched before they entered the area. Which gives rise to an interesting Fourth Amendment issue: You have to agree to be searched before entering a public street?)
  • Did we go the entire weekend without Memphis BBQ? Yes.  Arrived Friday and went to the rehearsal dinner. It was a Saturday morning wedding with a lunch reception. We then were at the Ole Miss game from 3:00 to 9:00 and snacked on stadium food. And our flight left the next morning at 11:00. 
  • My nephew's wedding was great. I think that's the first person I've ever seen married who I was also at the the hospital for their birth. 
  • They are going to Jamaica for their honeymoon. It reminded me of the time I was there and a guy on the beach tried to sell me and two New Jersey cops some weed. When they told they were with law enforcement, he fist bumped them and said, with a Jamaican accent,  "Respect!" 
  • Sports: (1) Cowboy fans need to tap the brakes. They won last night because of six turnovers by the Giants. Otherwise, they would have gotten killed. (2) Evil Empire Chaos: The Horns gave up a shocking 550 yards on the ground to BYU and, on the following day, fire their defensive coordinator. That's borderline panic mode. (3) Baylor set a school record with 781 total yards against Buffalo and is averaging 47 points in the first half. 
  • A fan fell to his death at the 49ers game. Man, that happens a lot these days.