Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Email last night: "Rhome city council just voted to eliminate the paid first responder position on the fire department."  Sounds like there's lots going on in the background down there. 
  • A female inmate in the Wise County Courthouse complimented my tie the other day as I passed her in the hallway. She didn't want any help because she was getting out of jail that day. She was just being nice. While in handcuffs. And in an orange jumpsuit.
  • I had another inmate I was in the same room with say, "Hi, Mr. Green. Have you lost weight?" I have no idea who he was. (And I definitely haven't lost weight.)
  • It's so easy to forget when watching Breaking Bad that we've already seen the future with Walt walking through his abandoned house (and buying a car with a machine gun in the trunk.) We just have to get there. 
  • Tarrant County prosecutors are pursing a "deteminative sentencing" option against the teenager who allegedly drove drunk and killed four people in southern Tarrant County.  He faces up to 20 years with a twist. If sentenced, say, to 15 years. He serves up until his 18th birthday in a juvenile facility. Then there is an all important hearing where the juvenile judge decides whether the remainder of the sentence should be spent in adult TDC or whether he be released immediately on parole under juvenile jurisdiction until 21. (I think that's the way it works -- I'm not sure we've ever had a true determinative sentencing case in Wise County's history.)
  • I heard that one Keller high school administrator came over the loud speaker on 9/11 to mention that historic day to the students but did so by referring to it as a day when "the Muslims" flew the planes into the World Trade Center. He later came back and apologized. This is unconfirmed, but I'm pretty sure it happened. 
  • I really haven't listened to it, but it just seems weird that Kelli Rasberry and the bunch have continued with the Kidd Kraddick radio show. It would be like watching Seinfeld with Elaine, Kramer and George yuking it up in episodes after Jerry had suddenly passed away in real life. 
  • I rarely use any type of paper. I've gotten to the point now where I email myself quick notes or use an iPad note taking app (using a stylus) for longer writing sessions.
  • "A Keller man was sentenced to five years [deferred adjudication] probation Thursday for taking photographs up a woman’s skirt while she was shopping at a North Richland Hills store last year." I wonder if his lawyer knows that the statute his client was charged under was declared unconstitutional last week by a San Antonio court? (Maybe so. The San Antonio ruling is by no means the final word, and the lawyer might have agreed to give up a constitutional challenge in exchange for a good deal.)
  • The other day my bank mailed me my bank statement as well as the statements of three other people. Somehow the three other statements got affixed to the back of my envelope. It was so weird that I'm surprised the post office didn't catch it.  
  • Tech/TCU Thoughts: (1) I bet TCU will be yelling about the officiating for weeks. (2) Does Gary Patterson really have to scream at a player when he's two inches from his face? (3) Mrs. LL said during the game, "This is sooooo confusing." Due to all the crazy plays, replays, and rulings, I couldn't have agreed more. (4) There's a famous (and awkward) video clip of the Tech bell ringer. Deadspin put up a new one last night.