Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I checked on yesterday's ABC reporter's statement that a 9/11 victim was found in an apartment strapped in his plane seat. Yep, urban legend. But it's pretty shocking that a national reporter continues to believe it. 
  • Boyd's own Chewbacca has had double knee replacement in Fort Worth. Has anyone ever seen him out and about in Wise County?
  • I learned last night that the lyrics to Barbara Streisand's Memories are "light the corners of my mind" instead of my life long mistaken belief of "like the corners of my mind." Well, that certainly makes more sense. 
  • If you are lower income and have been beaten down by the stupid Texas "surcharges" driving law, DPS announced a plan yesterday where you can get them sliced in half and get your driver's license back. 
  • From the Update: "Boyd theater department is seeking a large cast of extras for a web-based show called Party Girl."  Is that part of the high school or some independent group? If its the school, I would think some administrator asked, "Now what exactly are you doing?"
  • Fox 4 showed the video last night of Heath "Hooter" Boswell of Bridgeport getting stomped by the bull at a Decatur rodeo on Saturday but didn't show the moment of impact because it was too graphic. I bet it was. 
  • I got 99 problems and my home air-conditioning, once again, is one of them. 
  • The Fort Worth city council told Redneck Heaven (at Beach and 820) that it can no longer bypass city nudity ordinances by clarifying that body paint and liquid latex do not qualify as clothes. Does the Far Right Wing consider that to be an over-reaching act of Big Government? 
  • Miss Montana Kansas is competing in the preliminaries of the Miss America pageant and is sporting a huge tattoo. (But don't you think she could have been a little more original than using the Serenity Prayer?)
  • Sports: (1) I wouldn't bet a dime on TCU/Tech tonight -- I have no idea who will win. (2) The Rangers will stumble down the finish but barely hang on for the final wild card slot. (3) How bad was Dallas' defense on Sunday? They gave up a shocking and league leading 8.1 yards per play. (4) I have a lot of doubts if that lady truly swam unaided from Cuba to Key West.