Rich People Suing Their Kid's Rich Private School

If I'm following what is going on here, the wife is a "renowned artist" and donated a piece of art (which sounds like something she threw together) to their kid's private school for the school's fundraising auction. Since they couldn't attend the auction, they decided that they wanted to be the winning bidder so they had the school (I think) bid on their behalf. They figured that the high tone folks at the auction might cause the price to get around $3,000 tops. (Tuition for the school runs $39,000 a year.)

But these New Yorkers now say that the school rigged the auction in their absence to cause the price to be driven up -- ultimately causing their winning bid to become $50,000.  The school told them that a deal was a deal so pay up. The couple found Jackie Chiles and sued the school.

The story is here. But you have to get past some crazy lines like the one that said the couple claims their damages include one of their kid's "$60,000-a-year chauffeur, whose job they want to save."

Is it OK just to hate everyone involved in the story?