Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Police called the murder of the six year old girl in Saginaw an "isolated incident." Uh, once you make an arrest and know exactly what happened you can get back to me on that. Until then, everyone has a reason to freak out. 
  • Double motorcycle death in Venus in Johnson County. (No link yet). 
  • There's a 21 year old missing in Lake Grapevine. He was discovered missing when a party boat carrying 60 people got back to shore with only 59. It's like a fresh water version of Open Water
  • I had a discussion with the County Attorney the other day about the public's seemingly acceptance of Vampire Weekends. He believes the public supports it and has grown comfortable with the concept. He's probably right, but it may be more public apathy than public acceptance.  
  • We were at a fireworks show in the Mid Cities last night but the crowd got captivated by some strange flying object with green and red lights. The kids thought it was an alien UFO, and I tried to calm them down by telling them it wasn't --- but it was the most bizarre thing I've seen in quite some time. It would hover and then streak for five seconds and hover again. 
  • For some reason, I'm fascinated by this photo before/after the speech of I'm "the luckiest man on the face of the Earth."
  • Bret Michaels got handsy with Fox 4's Fiona yesterday. (Speaking of, here's Fiona re-enacting the Flashdance water scene. Hey, now.)
  • If I listened to music I'd probably listen to John Mayer. 
  • I saw a "sponsored tweet" by David Dewhurst the other day on his abortion stance. I suppose if you are going to do political advertising, that's as useful as anything else. But if he only had mentioned something about the Chinese.
  • But the irony is that Dewhurst is using social media when he acts like (and is) a politician stuck in the 1970's Old Boy's Network.
  • A rising star on my most despised list is Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. I never knew he was paralyzed by (an almost unbelievable) event of being hit by a falling tree while jogging. And, get this, the tort reformer sued the property owner and is believed to have received $10 million. 
  • The "average asking price" for the TCU/LSU game at Cowboys Stadium is $584 -- the second highest price for all games this season behind Aggie/Alabama ($626). But those numbers have to be skewed because of the prime and ridiculously priced seats.
  • When I see footage of the Hot Dog Eating Contest from Coney Island I can understand why the "hate us for our freedom." 
  • You should really think twice before watching this, but there's a video of police in California arresting a man for videotaping their conduct (which is absolutely legal) and then shooting his dog who comes to defend him. It literally made me sick to my stomach and furious with rage. 
  • If George Zimmerman is convicted it'll be a massive tragedy of justice. I'm not saying he's innocent, I'm saying that no jury can believe he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. (And whoever is sitting second chair in his defense is really good. He's dry but good.)
  • Grand finale inadvertently on the ground injures 28. (Video.)