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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Obamacare requirement that all employers with 50 or more employees provide them insurance in 2014 has been delayed by the Administration to 2015.  This is pretty surprising, but I'm not buying the right wing conspiracy theory that the delay was to get past the 2014 mid-term elections before it is implemented. How does that make sense? Thousands and thousands of employees would suddenly have had health insurance and that would have hurt the Democrats? 
  • But how can the Obama Administration just stop the implementation of a law? That's a right wing criticism that I agree with. 
  • Mrs. LL made the Kids In House wash our cars yesterday.  They did a fantastic job. Being a step-parent, I don't impose a lot of rules or chores instead deferring to Mrs. LL to do so with my role being to support her in front of the kids. But, man, I would run afoul of child labor laws if I were a biological parent. 
  • The abortion hearing seemed pretty wild in Austin last night (the issue was being "debated" in a House committee hearing.) Love this picture of two troopers looking down on pro-choice/pro-life folks in the Rotunda. And confused that this picture is being held by a man. 
  • Mrs. LL is taking the prosecution's side in the George Zimmerman case! She can't get past that he "provoked the difficulty." 
  • Facebook pic of the ammo shelves in Decatur Walmart. 
  • Porsche slams into DPS Trooper car in Dallas.
  • This Saginaw-child-found-under-a-tarp case is weird. Everyone knows who the girl is (there was a vigil last night) and the media knows that her parents' home was searched yesterday. But no name is being released. Why?
  • I'm not sure what her deal is, but this female Texas coach claims that this "prayful wish" post got her suspended from Facebook. 
  • The Paradise/Bridgeport model is now in a Coed Magazine Miss July 2013 contest
  • Radio talk show host Mike Gallagher said in righteous indignation this morning, "Have you ever been to a restaurant which had a mandatory-tip-on-your-bill policy?!" Uh, who hasn't?  Also about three months ago he had an African-American female caller who told him that the black man "likes the big booty".  His reply, "Is that true? I've never heard that."  That man sure knows America.
  • Greatest July weather week ever? 
  • Dallas DA Craig Watson is being accused of an ethics violation for appearing on The Fan and saying that he expected Cowboy Josh Brent to be convicted. That didn't bug me all that much (although it's improper), but what really got my attention is that he said the judge would order a psychological evaluation before sentence was imposed.  That's not true at all if Brent elects the jury to assess punishment if convicted -- something he would surely do.