Aggie (Hullabaloo Caneck Caneck) Wedding

Just click around to get a feel for the great event. (The "pastor" in the referee outfit was a nice touch, no?)

And nothing says love like Journey:

Fox – Could this be every Aggie’s dream? Not sure about that, but at least no one will dare question Harvey and Heather Willis’ loyalty to their alma mater after making their wedding entirely Aggie football themed. From the referee wedding officiant, to the 12th man jersey-wearing groom and groomsmen huddling together before saying “I do,” this wedding had it all– if you’re an Aggie.

The journey apparently started on the Texas A&M campus, where Harvey proposed to Heather under the famous “Century Tree” according to the maid of honor during her toast. For those of you unfamiliar with this one of many old Aggie legends: The “Century Tree” is a live oak more than 100 years old, and if two lovers pass beneath the tree’s branches, they are destined to be wed, and if a couple become engaged under the tree, the marriage is said to last forever.

The wedding party was led down the aisle by a mini Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band drum major to the tune of “Noble Men of Kyle Field” followed by the bridesmaids complete with, you guessed it, Texas A&M dresses. The referee wedding officiant even tossed a flag for “misconduct” before starting the ceremony due to one of the guest wearing an orange shirt.