Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • What a violent and bizarre afternoon/early evening in the Metroplex yesterday (1) A small girl's body was found under a tarp in the middle of a residential intersection in Saginaw, (2) A fatal triple shooting in Fort Worth which included a 10 year old boy and a pregnant woman, and (3) A couple in their 50s were found dead in their Grand Prairie home.
  • And all the while, this guy (accused of sexual assault of a child) was threatening to jump off the the High Five in Dallas for hours. (Previous mugshot here.)
  • And what was the name of the Wise County guy in the 1990s who was mentally challenged and was convicted of killing Opal Jennings in Saginaw after a very questionable trial? 
  • My personal experience with Obamacare: I got a check yesterday from Blue Cross. It seems Obamacare requires that no more than 20% of insurance premiums can be used on administrative costs instead of actual healthcare. And the new law, and I didn't know this, requires that any amount over 20% be refunded to policy holders. In 2012, Blue Cross received $1.038 billion in premiums but spent 22.3% of that amount in administrative costs.. So 2.3% of my total premiums which was refunded: $38.13.
  • The Family Pup threw up three times yesterday and was lethargic. I was stunned how concerned I was about her, but I guess I shouldn't be. 
  • If you ever hear an attorney at a Wise County Docket call use a booming voice you know (1) he's from out of town, and (2) It's his first time in a Wise County court.   
  • There has been a personal injury verdict of $53 million in California. If you want to see a disturbing photograph to explain why, click here
  • Lots of Pro-Life/Pro-Choice folks in Austin yesterday (with the Pro-Choice far outnumbering their opponents).  And in connection with that issue, and if you have the time, listen to this short "Call of the Day" to the Mark Davis show from a a very emotional woman who had an abortion.  Anyone spot a huge contradiction from her?
  • Raising Cane's offers free agent Dwight Howard lifetime chicken if he'll sign with the Mavericks. What a publicity stunt. And it worked perfectly. (But that signing still ain't gonna happen.)
  • I've followed the George Zimmerman trial fairly closely, and I don't know how in the world he can be convicted (unless some bombshell is coming.)  Every juror has to have a doubt about what happened out there, right? And if that doubt is reasonable --- which it absolutely has to be --- they can't convict.
  • It'll be DWI Vampire Extended Weekend in Wise County beginning tomorrow. 
  • I had never heard of this crazy buyout: Yesterday former New York Met Bobby Bonilla received a check from the Mets for $1,193,248.20. He hasn't played for the Mets since 1999, but the Mets bought out his contract on a deferred basis with annual payments of $1,193,248.20 which began two years ago. He'll receive those annual payments until 2035.