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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • "MOSCOW (AP) -- A meteor that scientists estimate weighed 10 tons streaked at supersonic speed over Russia's Ural Mountains on Friday, setting off blasts that injured some 500 people and frightened countless more." What? Must see videos.
  • Mrs. LL predicted what would happen in a scene in The Office last night seconds after she saw the premise of the scene. She has a crazy knack for that. 
  • The CEO of bankrupt American Airlines will receive nearly $20 million after the airline merges with US Air.  Explain that to me. Please.
  • The new president of UTA is named Vistasp Karbhari.
  • Language warning, but an entertaining fight video in a hotel lobby between a fat and drunk white guy and a little black guy is here. It's worth watching the whole thing but the fight starts at around the 2:20 mark. 
  • I keep hearing good things about The Americans and House of Cards.
  • I was watching CNN last night while the anchor was talking to a 14 year old girl who was on the stranded cruise ship. When she responded that she was most looking forward to eating "greasy food" upon her return, the anchor said, "then your situation can't be that bad." After the next question, she started crying which gave rise to some great awkwardness. 
  • A lot of people are saying the passengers of the cruise ship have a great lawsuit against Carnival. Not so fast. You were inconvenienced for three days. Yeah, you deserve a little compensation but it's not like your spouse was killed or you've got permanent brain damage.
  • The Dallas DA did not appear to testify in a hearing yesterday accusing him of, in essence, prosecuting someone at the request of a big donor (Lisa Blue, whom I despise). His lawyers said that he was sick but the DA was seen in the courthouse earlier that day.  Rumors are circulating that the FBI is after him, and I predict a big scandal is forthcoming. 
  • The headline in my trial of "Jury Gives Maximum Sentence" is a little misleading. He was acquitted of the charge in the indictment (which carried life in prison without parole), acquitted of a lesser charge of Aggravated Sexual Assault (which carried a possibility of 30 real years before parole eligibility), but convicted of a second degree felony (parole eligible after 10 years.)
  • That being said, it was gut wrenching to be in the courtroom post verdict with the family. 
  • The defendant handed me a letter on the last day of trial. "I just want to thank you." As much as criminal defense is an emotional business for those who care about what they do, there are some good moments. But there are a lot of bad ones.