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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, I was right about the resolution of the "fiscal cliff". I just didn't expect the dog and pony show in the House to go a few hours past the deadline.
  • Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin's coverage of NYE on CNN is pretty funny and pretty shocking. His giggle makes me laugh.
  • Went back and watched and old Twilight Zone episode of William Shatner playing a recovering mental patient on an airplane: Terror At 20,000 Feet. Verdict: Still fantastic.
  • I got blocked by Brian Cuban (Mark's brother) over the weekend on Twitter. I had only followed him for two days and he was making the most inane and boring tweets. I simply responded when he fired off some Texas Supreme Court "news" that was four months old.  I think that guy is a spare (I heard him on the radio once and was stunned at how shallow he seemed.)
  • Had my "education dream" again last night. Missed classes. Couldn't find my schedule. Realizing I flunked two classes last semester because I quit going after one week.   It is so bizarre that it is a recurring dream because I'm not sure I ever cut a single class at college or law school.
  • Had a crazy two-fer on New Year's Day: A guy smashes into a stopped patrol car (I think we set a record for that last year) then when a firetruck shows up to provide warning/protection someone smashes into it. 
  • Saw on the news last night that "Soul 73" had been sold and had switched to a Korean format. I had never heard of the station before. But I'm more amazed at the Korean change. 
  • I got to experiment with an X-Box with the Kinect "control the screen with your body" device over the holidays. Amazing.
  • The dog sneezed yesterday morning beside the bed and the groggy Mrs. LL said, "Bless you." 
  • Mrs. LL and I are experimenting with a stew. She does all the work and I do a lot of suggesting. Good stuff. 
  • Sports: (1) Someone said RG3 could never be a drop back passer. Sheesh. He's a drop back passer that just happens to be able to run the option-read flawlessly, (2) The Mavericks are horrible, and Dirk can't do much to help, (3) Baylor's sling-it-around offense had the weirdest stat over UCLA:  Baylor had 80 offensive plays and ran the ball on 63 or them, (4) Oklahoma will beat the Aggies on Friday, and (5) Someone said in the comments a couple of days ago that my "Cowboys prediction" was wrong. Huh? What one?
  • I've had no interest in the Lord Of The Rings or The Hobbit.
  • And what's up with all the long movies these days? Lincoln. Django Unchained. This Is 40.