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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • What a horrible interception by Tony Romo.  Unless something changes, and I doubt that it will, he'll be ranked behind Danny White. 
  • I was describing the long haired guy on TV as "Dallas' defensive coordinator" to Mrs. LL who then said, "Rob Ryan? And doesn't he have a twin brother? And doesn't the brother have some sort of fetish?" I don't even know her anymore.
  • I started the Cowboys/Redskins game by saying, "No NFL team should have a band." By the end of the game I decided it wasn't a bad bit.
  • I'm already seeing some rumblings that RG3's stats aren't all that good if you really looked at them. Uh, he just wins.
  • If Bridesmaids comes on, it's hard to get Mrs. LL to move.
  • We watched most of the 1970s classic Love Story yesterday. I didn't remember it being so horrible and contrived. And what's with the gratuitous cussing?
  • Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback, which has been featured on 60 Minutes, is a big of nothing. And the way dissects it each week is a must read.
  • I haven't seen it yet, but some news organization will warn me against about firing bullets into the air at midnight tonight.
  • It seems like the calendar changing form 1999 to 2000 wasn't that long ago.
  • There's some new Billy Crystal movie where the trailer shows him being kicked in the crotch. That's comedy? In 2012?
  • I just learned that Sean Hannity and I were born 36 days apart. Maybe that's why I'm convinced he should know better.
  • I learned from the guy that the Cowboys have a CT Scan machine at Valley Ranch and he even got scanned in it. 
  • Hot prediction without knowing hardly any of the facts: There will be no indictment against UT players Case McCoy and Jordan Hicks arising out of the sexual assault story.
  • Remember the female Dallas cop who made the video proclaiming herself "Lucille Baller". (Funny, by the way.) Well, she's back in the news.
  • I was mentioned in a favorable way in a Letter to the Editor this weekend in the Messenger written by a Bridgeport man who has spent a ridiculous 18 years in federal prison for drugs. He, obviously, is not in favor of the "lock 'em up" mentality.