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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A "Hey, Now" K-State fan from the game last night after the opening kickoff was returned against them.
  • Also from the game last night: What happens in the bizarre situation of a blocked PAT that ends up in safety? Nothing? 2 points for kicking team? Answer. I had no idea.
  • We've got a little girl in the house for a couple of days who apparently hasn't warmed up to me. When I came in last night in my suit and overcoat and hung around in the kitchen for a few minutes, a cute little voice asked Mrs. LL, "Why is that weird guy still here?"
  • The Cowboy who was the victim in the Intoxication Manslaughter case against Cowboy Josh Brent had an alcohol concentration of .056.  That's much lower than I expected. 
  • Former partner of Hal Jay at WBAP, Dick Siegel, died yesterday. I really didn't listen to them back in the day but apparently Siegel would broadcast as both partner and helicopter traffic guy. And get this: He flew the helicopter at the same time.
  • Man, their are a lot of people catching the flu out there. Edit: OK, I screwed it up. I talk to my editor and copyright people.
  • Wonder how my goat is doing. 
  • The Navy's anti-bath salts video is Reefer Madness for 2013.
  • For you hard core political fans, check out this article about the "Hastert Rule" and how Speaker Boehner decided to ignore it in order to get the Fiscal Cliff to a vote. 
  • If there was ever an example of First World Problems, it was the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting in Southlake last night where a bunch of rich white people were arguing about whether high tone lights should be installed in a high tone high school baseball stadium next to a high tone neighborhood.
  • I don't understand that first item in the Update.
  • (Personal note: Many close friends of mine are also friends with attorney Robert Wagstaff out of Abilene. He's apparently fine, but I got a heck of a message last night about an incident he was involved in yesterday. You might want to check on him today.)
  • Edit: No way I'm watching this: Prosper senior Torii Hunter Jr. and Notre Dame commit snaps his leg in an all-star game practice. Everyone says it's beyond horrible.