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What RG3 Said To Tony Romo After Redskins Game

After the Cowboys beat down during the final game of the year, the cameras caught RG3 grabbing Tony Romo and saying something to him. It was odd because if lasted longer than a casual "good game". So much so that I turned to Mrs. LL and said, "I'd love to know what he just said."

Well, it turns out RG3 was mic'd up for the game for Showtime and the channel aired the footage yesterday.

What did he say? “Hey Tony. I just wanted to say to you, don’t listen to what anybody else is saying about you. You’re a great quarterback, man. And this game doesn’t mean anything. Do you hear me?”

Hey, everyone knows I love RG3, but if I had been Romo I think I'd of gone off on him. "Don't listen to what anybody else is saying?" Heck, the game had just ended. Robert been checking the Internet during the 4th quarter? And what do you mean the game doesn't mean anything? The Redskins were going to the playoffs. The Cowboys were going home.

I think his intentions were good, but that was poorly executed. (You can watch it here.)