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Random College Football Thoughts (Sports Intensive)

  • UT fans and I share a common bond this morning: We are truly suffering from Beat Down Syndrome.
  • For those unaware, it was OU 63 UT 21 and TCU 49 and Baylor 21.
  • It's like mutual Blackjack, only different. 
  • OU/Texas thoughts first . . . 
  • The 95 yard run by Damien Williams was absurd. How does that happen. I took this picture off the television invention before he put on the after-burners. But how did he get out of that?
  • You have to see OU's Trey Milliard hurdle a Longhorn while simultaneously knocking another Texas player to the ground. That was demoralizing. 
  • I've always believed a National Championship will buy a coach five years regardless of what happens. Mack Brown earned some more credit by getting back to the National Championship game but losing against Alabama. Some UT folks are rumbling about him retiring, but I bet he can stay there another five years regardless of what happens to the program. I like the guy.
  • I also like it when UT is really good. (Did I just say that?)
  • The television coverage implied that UT fans were leaving the Cotton Bowl at halftime. I don't thing that's true. They may have bailed in the 4th but that half of the stadium looked pretty full in the 3rd.
  • Now Baylor and TCU . . . 
  • What a beat down of epic proportions. Baylor scores on the second play of the game and it was all downhill from there.
  • Baylor turned the ball over six times which means there is no way you can win. But I believe Baylor would have lost with no turnovers. 
  • The new TCU quarterback looked fantastic. Really fantastic. TCU might want to think about implementing the spread offense. Put him in the option read and they are scary.
  • The TCU defense is already scary. I forgot the name of their freshman defensive lineman, but that guy is a beast. 
  • Other thoughts . . .
  • Texas Tech just kills West Virginia? I laughed earlier in the week about WVU only being a four point favorite. How does Vegas know what they know?
  • How the Big 12 perceptions changed in just one weekend. OU, KSU, Texas Tech, and TCU are the major players. Baylor, UT, and WVU are average at best.
  • Baylor plays Texas this weekend. I've not looked at the line, but I'll guess Texas by 7.5.
  • They will win by more than that.
  • I've never seen a game in Lubbock but I need to. I'm beginning to agree with everyone who says, "That's just a weird place to go into."
  • The most important Big 12 game may have already been played: Kansas State over OU.


Anonymous said...

I don't think OU is the same team that showed up for the Kansas State game earlier in the season.

West Virginia had to travel to the state of Texas twice in seven days. That has to wear a team down.

Baylor. Ha.Ha.Ha. I guess that TCU heckler from a few seasons ago was right after all.

Anonymous said...

OU/UT ? Inbred red river cousin loving rivalry. I'd rather live in Rhome that watch that junk.

wordkyle said...

Hmm...I'm always interested in and amused at outsider perceptions of Lubbock. With full knowledge of what's to follow...Why is Lubbock a "weird place to go into?"

Anonymous said...

"That a real high definition t.v., Eddie?"

"Nothin but the best"

U.T.'s endzone was rarefied by the third quarter.

TCU runs a "zone read".

Anonymous said...

One more sports nugget.

Next week, bports Colin Jones and the panthers of Carolina, will square off with Cole Beasley of the hometown Dallas Cowboys.

These two boys met in little elm in 2005 as high schoolers.
Bport won that game to help advance the bulls 3 rounds deep into the playoffs.

In that game, Jones, a predominantly offensive player, sacked a very shifty beasley to seal the BHS win.

Anonymous said...

...and, if I remember correctly, Jones also picked beasley off just after he scored a late touchdown.

Anonymous said...

Sand Aggies...

SpanishWarDonkey said...

I feel that being a Tech alum, I can speak on the subject. Lubbock is no different than any other town you might happen upon. Yeah, the weather sucks, but other than that its a pretty nice place. I enjoyed my time there immensely and met the love of my life there as well. You should go so a game. For a smaller field by college standards, I can attest to it being the loudest that 60,000 people can be. Make sure you go to a night game. The crowd is always better when they've had 12 hours to drink. If we aren't ranked, make sure it's a UT/OU type game. Our students have a tendency of being very fickle when times are tough.

Anonymous said...


The wind, which may or may not be blowing 30 mph.

The temperature, which may be 100 or 30, with or without a 30 mph wind, and drop 30 degrees during the game.

The liquor stores, which are all south of town in Tahoka.

Keep Lubbock weird.

Anonymous said...

Delete the Africam link, it hasn't worked in over a year.

Anonymous said...

"Baylor turned the ball over six times which means there is no way you can win. "

Texas A&M turned the ball over 6 times against Ole Miss and won. So there....

Anonymous said...

Lubbock is wet now, liquor stores all over the place.

Anonymous said...

6:49 pm

Have you actually lived in Lubbock? What place on Earth doesn't have a few days of hectic weather? OK, I'll admit it gets annoying, but if that's the best you can come up with to downplay the city of Lubbock then you should really work on your comebacks. Also, I'm pretty sure Lubbock is wet so there are liquor stores there. And by the way, your last sentence wasn't a sentence at all. More like a fragment you learned at A&M.

Anonymous said...

Weird is fans throwing tortillas
Weird is fans throwing red punch.
Weird is throwing anything at opposing teams.
Weird is taking a goal post into a visitors section.
Weird is obviously NOT selling out a 60,000 stadium to the NUMBER 5 ranked team in the nation on a pretty day. What better things are their to do in Lubbock on a Saturday, go to the prairie dog town?

Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Sad day for the tu walmart t-shirt fan. Gig Em!

Anonymous said...

BG, remember that at the Cotton Bowl during the State Fair, it's pretty simple to slip out at halftime & get a beer (or three) and then make it back for the 2nd half. The UT half of the stadium emptied at halftime and let's face it, we needed to start drinking heavily. Some people came back for the 3rd quarter...others watched on TV's and decided to just keep drinking.

If UT is a 7.5 point favorite, go with the Baylor Moneyline.

Hook 'Em

Anonymous said...

"met the love of my life there as well."

Yeah, well, you could have fallen in love with a farm animal at College Station too.

"make sure it's a UT/OU type game"

This speaks to the delusions of your average Tech grad. Tech has no UT/OU type games. Ever.

Lubbock sucks ass. I love this state and enjoy many small towns throughout it (I was in several this weekend, in fact), and I have been to Lubbock several times. I can honestly say that there is not a redeeming quality about that town. Lubbock is where all the retarded kids go to school because they couldn't get into a real college.


Anonymous said...

Today's random thoughts lead me to believe the Africam was working this weekend!

Anonymous said...

re: TX/OU

Most Texas fans left in the middle to end of the third quarter. Like someone mentioned, it's easy to leave at halftime to get a beer or three and get back in by kick off.

So not only are OU fans the most classess pieces of shit in CFB (half the stadium booed as one of Texas' players layed injured on the turf), but their newspapers are run by similar people.

Anonymous said...

Vegas boys know that if Baylor hangs
63 on you under ANY conditions, you
are over rated.

Anonymous said...


Did you even go to college? I'm guessing not by the amount of time you're on this blog because someone with a degree would spend a little more time working and a little less time posting. Tech has had many graduates go on to do things you've only dreamed of. Multiple CEOs, politicians, and NASA Commanders and directors just to name a few. We're on the way to becoming Tier One. Look it up. But I guess we're not a "real college."

Anonymous said...

EPIC run by OU's Trey Milliard!! EPIC!!

Best part of the clip, though, was that asswipe mccoy getting knocked over!! PRICELESS!!

Bull Fan

Anonymous said...

Regarding the freshman defensive player for TCU, do you mean Joey Hunt? He could have played at Stanford. He is a good student.

Lubbock can be a rocking place with great music and lots of parties. Raiders are still quite pissed at Kent Hance for firing Mike Leach and many let their season tickets expire. Also the tail gate parties are so big many fans just stay at the party and don't go in the stadium.

Anonymous said...

Tier one? Tech? I'm surprised you even spelled it correctly!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all of my Tech friends on a superb victory!

Yes, many Tech graduates have gone on to become successful in many fields. Some fantastic students and great educators are located at Tech. Again, congratulations.

However, Tech is Tier Three according to all standardized reviews of colleges and universities. Look it up. US News says it's slightly below Mississippi State, but slightly above West Virginia.

Good Luck on your quest to become Tier One.

Anonymous said...

I bought a lamp at Pier One the other day!

Anonymous said...


You're so pathetic. Good job on avoiding if you had a degree or not. Since you didn't respond, I'm assuming you don't have one. Figures.

Uh yeah I can spell correctly. Been doing that for a while now.



I know we're not Tier One. That's why I said we're on our way to becoming Tier One. Don't tell me to look it up when I told dumba$$ rage to look it up. Retard...

Oh thanks for the good luck. I suspect we'll there in the very near future.

I don't see you backing any college. Hmm must not have attended one. Figures.