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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • "Breaking: US home construction jumps 15 percent in September to 4-year high of 872,000." Told you I thought the housing crash had bottomed out.
  • I had to remove a wounded mouse from the garage yesterday. I would have preferred that it already be dead. 
  • I watched one of the Paranormal Activity movies (the second one I think.) As simplistic as those things are, I really get a kick out of them.
  • The guy who killed the Arlington pastor received a death penalty verdict yesterday and then went nuts and flooded the courtroom. There's a fine line between evil and insane. I mean, that guy appears to be a monster but was he just born a monster?
  • Working. Resentment. Relaxing. Guilt.  Anyone else understand that? 
  • It's harder to follow the Aggies since they've joined the SEC. And that's just weird. But there's something about Tech, UT and Baylor not being on their schedule that takes them off the front page. (But they do have a fantastic freshman quarterback who has been nicknamed "Johnny Football.")
  • If you are interested in the mindset of anonymous commentors referred to as "trolls" and the dark areas of the Internet, you might be interested in a story about an Arlington man who was "outed" by and who was fired from his job yesterday. 
  • Major cold front coming in later. 
  • Whatever happened to the Garland officer who fired 41 shots at a an unarmed guy and killed him after a car chase in August? (By the way, the guy shot by the Denton County deputy a couple of days ago has died.)
  • Dark days for Lance Armstrong. As evidence now mounts that he was involved in doping during his Tour days, Nike has cut ties with him and, shockingly, he has stepped down from "Livestrong". Cut off your yellow bracelets. 


@dcmba said...

I understand it and used to feel the same way.

But now I have a job I enjoy, and the things it allows me to have. I also realize the important of rest.

have a couple of "jobs" outside my day gig so I feel I always have something that needs to be done. However, I set aside a percentage of my time for doing nothing but relaxing. During that time I no longer feel guilt about it because I realize rest is important to prevent burnout and give my body and mind the break it needs.

So, when do I get to be the RTG per yesterday's negotiations?

Anonymous said...

The troll from Arlington is old news already. He is a self proclaimed perv - even having had oral with his step daughter.

Romney won that debate, despite what the biased media will claim. He lied numerous times and it is proven. How can you call that a winner?

I watched the debate. His obvious anger and temper at the end did his rep more harm. No way that losing your temper comes off as being strong.

Say what you want. But Romney won. It wasn't a beating, but he won.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if that little mouse thought about it's mother as it slowly died in your garage.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the pastor killer. Does it matter whether he was born a monster or became one? Crush evil and move on.

Anonymous said...

Release the hounds (conservatives)!
But, Obama will still win.

Anonymous said...

my gosh i wanted to B*Tch slap both of them idiots last nite.

Rex Kramer said...

RTG, meh.

Housing crash bottoming out, makes sense. You would have to eventually run out of people who bit off more than they could chew.

anonymous trolls, like the ones who comment on here?

Steroids, no one really cares. They just like patting themselves on the backs and sounding enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Obama's body language,facial expressions and speech rhythm transmit deceit and evasiveness.

Anonymous said...

The Aggies have been televised every game this season, which has made it easier for me to notice their season. Not having A&M in the Big 12 has rendered it a bit anemic. Oh well, we can all now enjoy the great Longhorn Network.

Anonymous said...

Obama did indeed land some punches with his face upon the fists of a much smarter, experienced businessman. Candy was much more effective with misinformation than her candidate. Amazing that we simply cannot find a competent journalist to chair these debates...although I don't think the sponsors look very far. Certainly, Obama needs the help.

Anonymous said...

The Messkins were still loitering around Primo's and Allsups this morning. Guess the police are too busy worrying about inspection stickers and such. Really seems like they pick and choose what laws to enforce.


Anonymous said...

still the same OblabOblameO..!

Anonymous said...

I believe Obamma pretty well rapped things up last nite, so his supporters can breath easy now and go back to doing whatever they do in their leisure time like carjacking, robbing, raping and rapping with they ho's..Obamma/Dumba$$ 2012 and 4ever..

Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
4.3 out 5
She is HOT HOT!!!

GJ BG!!!!

Anonymous said...

@8:49 AM
Actually, it does if you are interested in keeping future pastors from getting murdered. Most people don't become criminals in a vacuum. Today's child molester was yesterday's little boy getting diddled by a neighbor. Once we recognize these cycles we can try to stop them.

Anonymous said...

Crowley lied.

Anonymous said...

a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[3] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[4] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

Dang, does that mean DF and TF are trolls? Does that mean Dec 21, 2012 is a troll? Those guys are funny.

Anonymous said...

Which Obama is it that we really have? The one who sat blubbering in the first debate or the extremely coached Obama who stood boldly and threw out one lie after another with fire and fierceness. Both Obamas are liars to the country he is elected to lead. People divorce their spouses when they find they are lying dogs. It is time for America do divorce this lying president. Can't live with either and have much pride.
Romney won the second debate. He is consistent in who he is. He has a GOOD record of leadership already and has success wrapped all around him. There's much more to these debates besides who can throw the most verbal punches.

Anonymous said...

1005 but they still beat Everman..Go Crowley.

Anonymous said...

To wordkyle, anyone who concisely refutes his BS is a troll, so I imagine he's internet researching IP addresses as we speak to try to out some people.

Double Fake Troll

Anonymous said...

So many of the comments here reflect the opinions of people who are either unable or unwilling to look at information with any semblance of objectivity.

It's called Confirmation Bias.

You believe anything that supports what you already believe and you ignore anything that differs from what you believe.

You make me sad.

Anonymous said...

On December 21 2012 there will be no more Trolls.

Anonymous said...

1055 you are a bigger dumbass than our president.

Anonymous said...

@10:01 AM

Concur on trying to find root cause and corrective action. However, the tone of BG's post seemed to lean in the direction of if he was evil b/c of his childhood then spare his life. The pastor killer should at a mimimum be put out of his demon possessed misery or punished.

Anonymous said...

Decatur needs a policy like Flower Mound- No renting to illegals. of Messkins STILL standing around Primo's. I bet 99% would have questionable (if not fake) documentation. Doesn't this fit the job description "To Protect and Serve. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Let's all remember what we are dealing with when it comes to Democrats and Liberals.

#1 They do not care what actual facts are or what the truth is because none of them could understand or handle the truth.

#2 The young politically uneducated spoiled rotten brats whose main purpose in life is to do whatever they want, receive whatever they want at someone else's expense no matter what are clearly the result of an incompetent upbringing complete with no discipline or teachings of being self reliant.

#3 The older ones are simply naive, gullible and uneducated when it comes to political matters or the facts of life.

I cannot imagine how anyone could be a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

11:23 - Why do you care? What's the harm? CHILL!

Anonymous said...

You watch a debate and you naturally agree with --- wait for it ----- the one you agree with!

Having said that, it appeared Pres. Obama took some time from his day job to prepare for this debate. You know that day job he has? Being President and Commander-in-Chief of the USA? So if he seemed less prepared than Gov. Romney in the first debate, that's understandable - He has less time to prepare!

Our president represented us well last night. And yes, he's your president too, whether you like him or not. He was constitutionally elected.

One more point - Wordkyle's predictions about the debate were ALL wrong. For example, the President didn't blame Libya on the Sec. of State; he said he was responsible and those were his own people/ambassadors, whom he had appointed, whose coffins he had to meet when they came home. You can't argue with that. Not one opinion in that - just facts.

I was very proud of my President. There was a lot of clapping going on in my house. Then again, none of us are undecided, and haven't been since 2008. I suspect that is how it was with most people who took the time to actually watch the debate, instead of just reading what their favorite pundit said about the debate, and then adopting that stance as their own.

Anonymous said...

Debate thoughts:

I wonder if people that believe Obama won the debate are confusing "winning" with "a dramatic improvement" from the previous debate.(?)

From where I sat, it looked to be a pretty even match up, both sides scoring and both sides taking some punches.

I thought Obama was very clever(or lucky) dropping the 47% hammer in his closing remarks thus preventing Romney an opportunity to rebut.

I can see both sides claiming victory and being correct, but neither side won as clearly as Romney won the first debate.

It will be interesting to see if this changes anything in the electoral college.

wordkyle said...

"Repeating the same thing over and over, without providing any evidence when asked... plus your self-consciously provocative tone and belligerent language (complete with profanity; what a big boy you are!) qualify you as at least a troll wannabe....You were unable to improve your argument in either substance or style. You continued the expected behavior, so now you get the descriptive." - January 28, 2011

Anonymous said...

@10:50 AM

You were talking about theists and atheists, right?

Anonymous said...

Uccch, where to start on all these comments ...

--9:40 / 11:23: WTF is your problem with Mexicans hanging out at Primo's? Do you get bent out of shape about crackers hanging out at IHOP? Besides which -- whether these human persons are undocumented or not -- I'd be willing to bet they work harder than you every single day of the week, you racist jackass. Why do you begrudge them a moment of refreshment and fellowship?

--9:18: I'm so glad we have a trained behavioral analyst up in here to help us out! Wow, that was really, really enlightening. HOW did I never see that before???

--9:55: My ho's and I have always been able to find time for our carjacking, robbing, raping and rapping, no matter how much time we spend on politics; we're very good multi-taskers.

--10:19: Friendo, if you think Romney -- ROMNEY -- is "consistent," then I think you might not know what that word means. Or, wait -- maybe you meant in the sense that the only thing that's constant is change? Because in that case, Mittens is your man!

--11:43 ... Sir or madam, on a completely serious note: Attitudes like yours are why it's so hard to find common ground. I've been a liberal all my life, and once upon a time, I believed that most people wanted the same thing (what's best for our country), but just had different approaches as to how to get there, and the differing views were what kept us in balance, what kept us from going too far in either direction. These days, I can't even talk to anyone who isn't more or less of my own political persuasion, and it's not because I'm not willing; it's because 11:43 and everyone else like him or her thinks I: 1)don't care about and can't handle the "truth" [aka things as YOU see them]; 2) Was a spoiled rotten brat in my youth [yes me, the churchgoing, community-serving, 2nd-in-my-HS-class, two-job-having kid from a family that was as poor as dirt]; and 3) am now, after a top-tier college education which I paid for MYSELF, a Master's degree, twenty years in the workforce, a half-decade of parenthood, and pretty much nonstop reading and analysis of local, national and world affairs, "naive, gullible and uneducated." You dismiss my entire life, my experiences, my background, the fact that I have arrived at my political views through nearly forty years of examination and reflection -- that's astonishing to me, and that, more than anything else, bodes ill for the future of this country.

Triple Fake... said...

hmmm...I guess in the context of the comment, being called a troll is kind of a backhanded compliment. But from where I'm sitting, the only part of that definition that applies to me would be "extraneous".
I might go off a mini-rant every now and then, but it's more of the I'm-mad-as-hell! everyman meltdown.

ruh-roh! I feel one coming on now: Yesterday's RTG was only so-so? And today's is HOT HOT?! That's crazy talk. Should be the other way around. Today's gal is extremely meh! - aside from a couple of very obvious "outstanding" features. And that's almost never the highest criterion for tipping the scales when I sit on the judge's panel

Anonymous said...

12:02, I for one am glad that Obammy took time away from his golf game and campaigning to prepare for the debates.

Anonymous said...

Lookie there, ol' wordy is describing himself.

Anonymous said...

The problem with the gentlemen of hispanic descent that spend time around Primos is that they are looking for work and it makes the rednecks that sit home watching cable all day look bad.


wordkyle said...

1202 - Predictions? You're right, Obama refused to set up my jokes. Yet another disappointment from him.

As far as Obama claiming to be "responsible" for Libya, his definition includes sending extra security after the embassy was overrun and investigating the cause after he'd already announced his (false) conclusion. For most people, being held "responsible" also means suffering the consequences, and I don't think that's what he intends.

Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine how anyone could be a Democrat.

It was easy for me. I started reading the New Testament and decided that I would vote in accordance with the teachings of Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Was Bush held responsible for false intelligence leading to a false pretense for invading Iraq?


Far more Americans died there and in Afghanistan as a result of his "mistake" than in any embassy bombing in Libya.

Quit your crying, Wordkyle.


Anonymous said...

Oh Rage. I was certain it would be the naive, gullible and uneducated part.

My bad.

Anonymous said...

12:17 The truth hurts don't it.

Please educate yourself and stop being so naive, gullible and just plain jealous of others.

Anonymous said...


I hate to disappoint you my child, but I vote straight Republican every election.

Why? I like to make sure the collection plate is full on Sunday.

Next time you visit a Baptist church, check out the rides of the deacons versus the "common man", you'll get my point.

Amen, hallelujah, pass the collection plate.

Double Fake Sweet Baby Jesus

Anonymous said...

Democrats disagree with Republicans.

Republicans know that they are always right.

Ergo Sum, all Democrats are stupid.

Easy as pie!


Upstairs said...

Let's talk about the truth.

Romney claimed last night that after he was elected Gov. of Mass. he instructed his staff to find appropriate female appointees and ended up with a binder full of women. Stupid way to say it but NOT TRUE. These women were proposed to him by people outside his staff. The list was put together BEFORE he was elected. Why lie about this? Doesn't make any sense.

Gun control -- While a one-term governor, he thought it was ok to ban assault rifles. Now that he wants the rads from NRA to vote for him, he changes his mind. Silly. Be a man of principles.

Women and work -- He absolutely refuses to say he will enforce the Lilly Ledbetter act. Yes, the recent economic downturn has disproportionately affected employment amongst women but that is because the losses are in the PUBLIC sector. All the teachers states like Texas are losing because of the Republican lead assault on public education are predominately women. Romney is wrong when he says government doesn't create jobs. School district and hospital districts create a lot of jobs and primarily for women. He doesn't care about or acknowledge those jobs.

I could go on and on but won't.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Jesus was for
late term abortions.

Anonymous said...


Good thing Obama got us out of Afghanistan. I'm happy now. Obama really saved our butts there.

what?...we are still in Afghanistan?....after 3 years and 9 months of Obama being in charge?....

How the hell is that Bush's fault?

Anonymous said...

Next time you visit a Baptist church,

Why would I do that? I can read, write, and think for myself. I have nothing in common with Baptists.

Also, occasionally, I like my women on top. OK, more than occasionally. Often.

And I drink A LOT of beer.


Anonymous said...

1:47 It's called getting off your lazy ass and making something of yourself.

Oh wait....the Hispanics drive some classy cars too. Guess you hate them too.

Anonymous said...

12:02 will you still be proud of Obammy when he invades Iran or Libia in order to pull his arse out of a sling.

Trump said it - if Obammy gets desperate enough, he start a war.

Anonymous said...

were drugs and alcohol involved?

Anonymous said...

Apparently there is a missing 33 yr old lady from Alvord. Her car found in ft worth...husband not talking...see Messenger post by others and the fb page of Jennifer Aynes.

B. P. Gray said...

Do you think Lance Armstrong stepped down from Livestrong so that Nike would continue to sell all of their "Livestrong" shoes/apparel?

The money from Nike/Livestrong products has to be a major source of funds for Livestrong...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see in the paper about Rhome wanting to be a paid department....they can't be serious about that. There is a reason they only have 6 people on the department to start with.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a fb page that stated the lady from Alvord is safe and that her husband knew where she was all along..weird northern transplant people.

Anonymous said...

RAGE again you are a dumbass

Anonymous said...


"And I drink A LOT of beer."

Now that explains a lot of your comments.

Anonymous said...


1:47 here.

Can you point out where I used the word "hate" in my post?

Take your rush...

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:17 -- this is 12:17, just confirming that you totally missed my point.

Also, wtf do you mean, jealous? That is HILARIOUS! I'm from a long line of poor people, but I'm in the one percent now -- thanks to hard work, luck, thrift, historical good timing that I had no control over, more hard work, a spouse from similar humble origins who is as hard-working, thrifty and lucky as I am, and the many benefits of citizenship in this great nation (great public school education K-12, Pell/Stafford/work-study funding for college, sound infrastructure, physical safety, free elections, etc. etc. etc.). I want other people to have the same rights and bear the same responsibilities that I have always enjoyed and held sacred ... which is why I am a liberal.

2:07: What you're doing is called projection. Your boy W is the one you're thinking of.

Anonymous said...

12:17, you do not follow the FOX News/Rush Limbaugh/Glenn Beck "conservative" propaganda machine like a good lemming, therefore you are out to destroy America and you must be berated as hating "real" Americans.

These "conservatives" won't be happy until there is only 1 party to choose from (just like Wise County politics). I seem to remember we went to war with several 1 party countries to promote "freedom" from Nazis, Communists, Ba'athists... Does this mean "conservatives" are anti-American?

DF "Boy Ranger" Jefferson Smith

Anonymous said...

@ Rage @ 12:47
If you mean the part about helping the poor, think about this: Paying taxes bears no resemblance to giving. The idea that helping the poor means forcing, with the threat of loss of all personal liberties, productive people into serfdom to able folks of which nothing is expected is inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus. Having the govt. take away the fruits of a person's labor and redistributing to those who will not labor, or will not labor as effectively, is inconsistent with the Commandment forbidding Covetous. Wealth redistribution to the able is pure Covetousness. The Apostle Paul wrote some pretty commonsense stuff on who the CHURCH should support, as well as who should not look to the Church for support. It is distortion and misinterpretation of Jesus' teachings and other Scripture to proclaim that it advocates the govt. social take away/give away programs such as we have them today in America.
I call BS, Rage.

Anonymous said...

My gage on whether or not to reelect my president-Is my life better than it was 4 years ago? Answer is no! Higher prices across the board, unemployment same as when you took office-too high, world respect for U.S. is down, & higher taxes about to come crashing in when January 1 gets here! No thank you! Time for someone new!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a couple of folks here need a beer summit to talk things out.

SpanishWarDonkey said...

While I believe you have a very good story, and congratulations for it, I have one question I would like for you to answer. When you were paying off the student loans that payed for your education, you and your wife were spending more money than you both made annually correct? I didn't think so. The fact that you can vote for someone that believes in a philosophy such as that tells me that while you may very well be highly educated, you are still a fool. Good evening.

Anonymous said...

"1:47 It's called getting off your lazy ass and making something of yourself." missed the point buddy.

I'm implying that the "leaders" in protestant churches, specifically Baptist churches, are not only good and Godly men, but well-heeled, good and Godly men.

Funny how that happens.

Double Fake Robert Tilton

PS, send me a prayer request with a check, money order or cash(preferred) and I'll say a little sumpin' sumpin' to the Lord for ya. Amen?

Darrel said...

Your point #2 almost describes the Republican base.

On your last point I can tell you why I can't be a Republican.
#1 Not rich enough
#2 Everyone is entitled to adequate food and housing. There will be cheats but I am not willing to let anyone go hungry to prevent that.
#3 Everyone in this country is entitled to good medical care.

I could go on and on but you get the picture. The economy and foreign relations will be handled by either party.

I will say I always lost money with Republican presidents and made money with Democratic presidents.

Being Republican isn't an option for me. Ike was the last good Republican president.

Anonymous said...

Following the Aggies is as easy as turning on the TV. Never before have my Ags been televised so much! Remember the the Dallas Preacher that killed his wife....isn't it interesting that he is free, while this guy hangs......them damn women just put them in a binder.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


True story....

I recently went into a liquor store in Bport. I picked up a case of Bud Light from the cooler and went to the front counter to pay out.

The folks working at this particular establishment made a big point about how they won't drink Bud Light because that is what the President drinks.

I thought, how odd, you won't drink a brand of beer because, allegedly, that is the brand the President drinks. Really? Seriously?

The President uses toilet paper too. I hope they don't give up on that product.

Double Fake Mr. Whipple

Anonymous said...

Hey Barry whats with no coverage of the Texas Tech starting center arrested for PI and bar fight. He will start Saturday??

Anonymous said...

I had Obama pegged as a Schlitz man!

Anonymous said...

Rage, you said about being a Dem: "It was easy for me. I started reading the New Testament and decided that I would vote in accordance with the teachings of Jesus."

But it was said in I Thess 3:10, "If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat."

NT talks alot about working and providing for your family.

The Dems want to provide welfare to those that won't work, feeding, clothing and medicating them. Not just those down on their luck, but so many that won't get off their butts and go to work. It's a way of life for some folks, even teaching it to their children.

Makes me angry that I go to work every day and alot of my work is to provide welfare for those that won't work.

Anonymous said...

Rhome needs a paid Fire Department and a new city council because all the ones on there now except that Pitman lady are cookoo for co co puffs! She seems to be the only one who is not badgering the citizens and at least being proactive because all others on there hate the firemen.

Support the fire brigade! Kick the city council out!

Anonymous said...

silly negroes

SpanishWarDonkey said...

8:38, while I find the story amusing, and as stereotypical of a good chunk of the north Texas populace as one can get, it's apples to oranges. One's choice of libation is hardly in the same train of thought as one's fiscal policies. Hell, I even had some Bud Light during happy hour at the hotel in College Station just the other night! It was complimentary mind you, but I enjoyed a few regardless.

Anonymous said...

Well said!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the Fire Department? When is Rhome going to address the guy that was at their City poll who was caught committing fraud? Leave the FD alone! Fire the city hall for allowing this to go on!

Anonymous said...

Republicans have never been for the poor or middle class. If you think Romney will cure things go read what actually happened to the same promises when he was governor of MA. They didn't work there and they won't work if he is President. If we can't make a change for the better, why change?

wordkyle said...

959 - With unemployment at 8% (or 11% if you take labor force participation into account) for nearly four years, and the GDP stagnating, the "poor and middle class" haven't done so well under Obama. (Same for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.) It's easier to believe that a change, any change, can make things better, than to believe that doing what's been done the last four years will.

Ali said...

With the House under the control of the Republicans they have stopped any measures to get the economy moving. Their only goal was to see to it that he was a one time president.

wordkyle said...

135 - That would certainly be a big talking point for Democrats if it were true. What specific measures has the Republican-controlled House stopped that would have got the economy moving? And why didn't the Democrat-controlled Congress take those measures prior to last year? I'll hang up and listen.

Anonymous said...


Horseshit. The house has sent 16 bills to the Dem controlled Senate, which would have helped produce jobs. Harry Reid will not allow a vote on them.

How about the jobs killed by Obama on the pipeline, drilling, coal, etc?

Put down the koolaid.

Anonymous said...

Jobs were not killed by Obama on the pipeline, they were killed by Texas landowners filing lawsuits against a Canadian company who condemns their land.

Anonymous said...


Couple facts for you:

Texas does not border Canada.

Pipelines are typically underground. The company purchases a right of way from the landowner. No land gets condemned.