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Crime Of The Century!!!

Dez Bryant's momma calls 911 on him. More info, including arrest warrant affidavit.

I think we've got some socialism at work here. You are paying for that dispatcher, for the responding officers, for the jailers who booked him in, for the court clerks, the judge, and the prosecutors.  There was once a time where Dez and his mom would be told to straighten up or stay away from each other.

From Richie Whitt's long article on Dez a while back:

Calling Bryant's childhood tumultuous is akin to labeling his grasp of grammar unrefined. His mother, Angela, had Dez at 15 and two more children before age 18. His dad, in his early 40s at the time, didn't much stick around. Saddened by having to feed her kids only ramen noodles and hot dogs, Angela turned to selling drugs for extra income. She eventually also began using—marijuana, PCP, cocaine—and in 1997, when Dez was eight, was arrested after selling drugs to an undercover policeman in Lufkin.
She was sentenced to four years at the Plane State Jail in Dayton, but served only a year and a half.