The Campaign For DA


Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • David Dewhurst calling press conference to announce the endorsement of Craig James, who got 4% of the vote, is comical. There is no question that many, many people in Lubbock who would have otherwise stayed home on election day will now go to the polls to vote against Dewhurst. Seriously, that stunt will have a negative net effect.
  • The little girl that was allegedly accidentally shot by her father in a home by Alliance Airport will cause questions to be asked.  
  • I hate the new Half Marathon route for the Dallas (not White Rock) Marathon. The run through high-tone Uptown and Highland Park -- my favorite part -- has been abandoned.
  • Pete Delkus said that today will be the most beautiful day for the rest of the summer based upon the low humidity, sun, mild temperatures and winds. I think he is right.
  • Lil Wayne tried to go to the Spurs/Thunder game last night but was turned away because . . . he didn't have a ticket. Refreshing
  • I say, "Oh, my body" a lot these days. 
  • For all those attending high school graduation ceremonies: Try not to let the fact that the knuckleheads sitting by your son or daughter are also graduating diminish your excitement. 
  • Unemployment rose to 8.2% this morning. Fox News is almost giddy.
  • The Messenger seems obsessed with the Ennis man's child porn case. 
  • Odd: The Family Unit has the College Softball World Series bracket on our refrigerator and we've all chosen a team. I might be responsible for that odd behavior.
  • Get your Purple Drank on!: Honey Boo Boo from Toddlers and Tiaras is getting her own reality show.
  • Someone explain this Marriott/Gaylord Texan deal to me. Marriott paid millions for the right to manage the hotels?  I guess now they'll get paid to manage it and maybe take a small portion of the profits?
  • The Vanderbilt football coach is in hot water for saying he won't hire an assistant coach until he sees their wife
  • Some people won't read Random Thoughts until they look at the RTG.