The Campaign For DA


Election Night

"You were lucky. They made me talk on the campaign trail. Oh, and can I borrow that Chinese ad when I try it again? I'm thinking about adding some foreign accents to it. I'll kill 'em with it!"

Races I'm interested in

  • U.S. Senate: Dewhurst will win but please don't let him get over 50% and avoid a run-off. And I want Craig James to come in under 5%. Edit: I got my wish. Dewhurst and Cruz in a run-off. James received 3.59%.
  • Wise County Count at Law #2: Stephen Wren and Marilyn Belew "battle" for the first election ever for this court. I like both of them but if Stephen doesn't win, I don't know the landscape like I think I do. Edit: I still know the landscape as Wren won easily.
  • Constable in Decatur: Tom Bishop vs. Dennis Hudson. If you are interested in this, that means you are really interested in it. Edit: And a lot of people were interested. Hudson cruised.
  • DA in Williamson County: John Bradley, "The Most Conservative Prosecutor In The State", is being challenged by the County Attorney.  I don't think any "local" race has been watched more from around the state. Edit: Bradley lost 55% to 45% which is a big margin in an election.
  • And although it's a foregone conclusion, I wonder how many protest votes against Mitt Romney the Texas Republicans will register. Edit: Not many. Could be a sign of solidarity.
  • Edit: I forgot about the Rush Limbaugh judge over in Parker County. He lost. 

I'll mention later the ridiculous resolutions (?) on the Republican ballot.

Messenger has local results here.