The Campaign For DA


Random Tuesday Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Houston DA and the Denton County Sheriff both got kicked out of office.
  • The Texas run-off isn't until the end of July. Ugh. That means two more months of Chinese Ads.
  • Here's a call to the Tea Party: You'll have your chance to get Ted Cruz elected over that fraud Dewhurst in the run-off. Voter turnout will be ridiculously low so it won't take many of you to put your man in office. And if you can't take advantage of this opportunity, it says a lot about the influence of your organization.
  • A reporter referred to Ted Cruz as Hispanic last night. He's Hispanic?
  • The would-be Paradise model is in some Maxim contest.
  • My law partner had to fly to Mississippi to drive a car back to Texas in order to help out a family member. Not exactly a vacation -- but I'd try to make one out of it. 
  • Last night, "Part of the roof of the Library in Alvord was blown off by strong thunderstorm winds. The building was an old historic brick building."
  • Those high winds woke me up and were so strong I had to get up and check the weather to make sure something big wasn't happening. I normally would just lay there and enjoy the storm. 
  • The John Edwards jury is still deliberating. How is that possible?
  • The Face Eater mingled at South Beach's "Urban Weekend" before the crime. On my only trip to South Beach, I accidentally found myself right in the middle of that Weekend. Oh, my.
  • I like the Messenger, but the graphic design of today's cover (post below) is horrible.
  • Terrell Owens got fired from the Allen Wranglers arena league team yesterday. I'm not the first to say this, but he has a personality trait that makes one's life end prematurely. Intentionally prematurely.
  • I don't know the NBA, but I've never heard so many rants and raves about the San Antonio Spurs twenty game winning streak right now.
  • When I voted yesterday, all the booths were taken so the election judge said I could just fill out the ballot at the table if I didn't mind the lack of privacy. Didn't bother me.